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A  KEEN  BASHER LIST   2009- 2011+



Most of these are current, I try to weed out those that appear to be inactive for over a year, although I can’t say I am always successful.

I do not call anyone a basher simply because they have left 1 star.  As I already mentioned, unless the 1’s outweigh the law of averages  , you will  likely not  find them on this list UNLESS, there is something that sticks out about their feedback or they are difficult.

Difficult callers can mean many things. Anger  and rudeness  slammed at you, an expectation that you read like you are in the Olympics (particularly those 2-3 minute callers that have 6+ questions ) those that test you with  mind reading questions and those that say “WOW””AMAZING!” and leave 3-4’s. My pet peeve are those that say they loved the reading, but leave 3-4 stars stating they will come back later and upgrade if all goes well – I have yet to see this promise kept.

I invite advisers to send me names that they would like to see added.  I cannot promise that I will add them, but I will certainly do the research.


*******Something I have noticed since this list’s first posting in May 2011*******

Many of the most horrific bashers on this list who have been Keen costumers for years on end, have suddenly disappeared and stopped calling within  months of this list generating steady traffic.  I find the timing interesting.  Perhaps some have changed their names, or maybe others have just left Keen to find meatier stalking grounds.  On the more positive side, many have started  leaving kinder feedback, choosing to 1 star advisers with discrimination, if at all.  In one such case, I  received an email from an extreme basher on this list who asked to be removed because she was frustrated with how often her calls were getting rejected by advisers.  It was her position that Keen was designed to allow her to speak her mind, and as employees of Keen we were obligated to suck it up.  My response  was to inform her that we were under no obligation to take her call, and the pickings are going to be slim for her since few advisers will take her call if they know to do so would virtually guarantee  a bashing.  Has she stopped bashing as a result of our exchange?  No.  But at least she has reduced them closer to the 30% mark.  Personally, I wouldn’t take a call at this percentage, but at least it shows some improvement********

What you will be looking at is the moment in time when I googled their names.  No doubt , you may have better or  worse results depending on when you do the google.  As well, some may not even show up any longer.  Even on this list , some of the names that I originally pulled up had huge bashing tendencies, yet now, the same names either pull up nothing or fair reviews.  Since I am unable to go through this list every day, it may be worth your while to double-check my results. Google is finicky and  people do change.

I have tried at least half a dozen formulas to pull up the best results.   The one I find works best and pulls up the most results  is this one :  Using 01Tracy and CANDYGIRL46 as examples:

“01Tracy”  site:keen.com     Or     “CANDYGIRL46 ”  site:keen.com

Again, I invite advisers to send names for me to research

009715Member –  80% basher. Saves up calls over months than, multibashes. ( may be same as  Roberta88 – but not sure)

01Tracy   – Calls a lot.  60% of her ratings are 1 -3  stars. Be very careful if she calls you more than once, she returns later than will leave a slew of 1’s   Her mantra ” Don’t waste your money on this one”

2bluvd  40% chance of 1

4cloverleafes  – buy a lottery ticket if this one leaves more than  2 or 3 stars for you.

711crab  – This person is not the biggest basher  (15%), but when she bashes, it is some of the most viscous bashing I have seen. Instead of just ending the call when she does not feel a connection, she will stay on so she can test the adviser by asking “read my mind” questions.  She punishes abnormally hard.  Sounds like she went to the school of realist411’s  feedback methods

7483237a  – same as Mena Mazeri , an adviser on Keen.

7936555  – Calls a lot!   Does leave 5’s  but from what I can see, 6o%  of calls are 1’s!

826143   astoundingly rude and pushy – only wants to hear positive outcome in less than  2 minutes, not a basher, at all , in fact most  feedback are 5’s- just very unpleasant.

84151  –  75%  percent chance of bash.  This one will test you until your nose bleeds.  Cold and nasty

88058 – Abusive. 85% chance of getting bashed.  Likely drunk calling.

888 Miracles  – Adviser on Keen – Has a bunch of other names.  see Pearl of the Orient and miracle sky.   bad basher. run

Actually Psychic Every Time  – Adviser on Keen – 30% chance of bash

Advisor Tally – 1 minute calls

ademars200  – RUN!!!   18 calls  – 18 1’s     100% of calls bashed

 afriend760  – Adviser on Keen . 30% of getting a 1.

afternoondelight  – Calls a lot.  Mostly 4’s and tons of 1’s.   Interested mostly in facts, and very little in insight to her situation.  Demanding

AG2011 – 40% chance of a 1

Agoodname  –  55% chance of getting bashed.  Adviser on Keen.  Rude and demanding . Emotionally unbalanced  Changes name a lot . Also Member 7483237a and  Ms-Angie  who bash 80% –    (Member since 1/2/2003)

aiva60201 – Big time basher.  60% of calls are bashed and she calls alot .Even bashed an adviser brutally for not reading her future,  even though the adviser says clearly in her bio that she will not read your  future , but reads your present day energy to help you make better life choices.  And bashed another , simply because she gave time frames of over 3 months . According to aiva80201  this time frame was  intentionally that far down the road , so that feedback would not be left.

Alex2011  – RUN!  90% chance you will be seen as “clueless”  Same as Katherine59. Both Alex and Katherine are probably clearsight , an adviser on Keen.  clearsight receives great, glowing and detailed feedback from these 2 , who seem to hate everyone else.

allsmiles28  –  rarely  bashes but even when she is really thrilled with reading  will never leave more than 4 stars.


amazed3She’s out of her mind.  20% risk of getting bashed in this recent name, but that is not the real problem with her.  She writes rambling lectures cloaked as feedback on how to find a psychic that is not a fraud and how to recognize if the feedback left is “true feedback”. The GREAT OZ will even give you the names of those she alone “knows” are real psychics.  If you are looking for a know-it- all  to use your wall to BLAST messages to her “students”  on the evils of psychics, while, sending your costumers off to her favorite advisers , then take her call.

amberaks  – basher! Run!

amberzweber  – very risky

Andrew Taylor  – big time basher psychic on keen

Angela Lucy  – adviser on Keen

angel eyes42 -90% chance of getting bashed . same as going fishing 120 , glorytohim ,  Member 32686

Angeleyes60  – Avoid this one.

AngelicallyInspired    Semi basher  in past,  has gotten better.

angelreadings444  – Adviser on Keen

angels3409  – risky  25% Chance of bash. Plays test the psychic

Angie7802 – 70% of getting bashed

Anna Arcadius  Adviser on Keen.. Extremely  short calls –  Wants in depth past/present/ future in 3 minutes – 5 tops.  Bashes advisers that won’t predict the positive outcomes that she “intuitively” feels to be true.

Aries325  –  5/7  calls on google showed 2 stars and under

Asha259 – 90% chance you will get bashed

aspin102 -35% chance of a 1. 40% of 2 or 3 .

aud1968  -70% chance of bash.. 

Az-Riel  – adviser on Keen. 20-25% chance of 3 or under.

Baadiyah –      calls a lot. Not a basher. A zillion 4 stars.  Tons of 3’S,  Compares reading to other readings. Will give less rating if you give her unpleasant news .  Plays  Test the psychic ,  asks questions that she already knows the answer to.

bamboo39  – BASHER  RUN RUN RUN

Barbie34  –  Used to bash quite a bit, seems to have cooled off.

Barnett — BASHER! !! RUN RUN RUN!  Expect 1 star.  Buy a lottery ticket if you get more  than 3 stars from this one.

bbumblebee  –Not a serial basher per say ,but bashes alot and is unpleasant to read for

beachphotochic  – Will never leave a 5.  Only 4s and 3’s

Beautiful Angel28  –  Works her way around Keen solely on free minutes , plus in the rare event that she does go over the free minutes, she will bash you, whether she feels you are accurate or not, with an “If your right, I will come back and leave more stars”

Beauty29 –  See Pearl of the Orient Sea

Bellanoi13  – This one is coo coo. Will ask you about someone who doesn’t exist , then viciously  bash you while citing the bible, for not knowing she made the person up.

Be-shy-no-more – 75% chance of  bash

Bettybetty123 – 70% chance of a 1    Same as Lollylolly   .  Invokes the support of God in her feedback while intentionally lying.  Multi bashed 1 reader under 2 names, referring to one of the names as though it was not her.   An evil act.

beyondkarma – Rude and mean spirited

bigpoppa728   –  Huge risk

bkat610   85%  of FB are 3’s even when she describes the call as great. no 1’s and no 5’s.  This is a 3 star feedback:   “Xceleent call! Great reading and was on point with the whole situation. Thank you so much”

Blaise Jr      Blaise Jr  seems to want to get out of a blaise life by serial bashing

blazesmom  – she is not a basher on regular calls  – But, do not take her calls on Chat.   She will cut and paste her entire life story and expect you to respond quickly.  If not, bash!

BlueFlower01  –  eew  . She’s  horrible yuck

bluesky07  –  85% chance of a bash.  pays in 1 minute intervals like she is using a payphone for long distance calls. So self centered – thinking that it’s ok to keep cutting off an advisers concentration.  eew

bowbow09   – 80%  bashes. Emotionally unbalanced  Leaves vicious feedback in CAPS BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE HEEDS HER WORDS BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN CHOSEN BY THE DIVINE  RULER TO SET THE WORLD IN ORDER ABOUT WHO IS TRULY GIFTED AND WHO IS NOT.  IN FACT, SHE WILL WAVE A FINGER AT OTHERS FOR LEAVING FEEDBACK THAT SHE KNOWS TO BE WRONG WRONG WRONG, AND PLEAD THAT THEY LEAVE ONLY TRUTHFUL FEEDBACK  FROM HERE ON IN.  Much of her feedback is questionable in that it appears as though she herself may be an adviser on Keen , bent on  promoting only those that are in her group.

BRIARWOOD – adviser on Keen. 

BRIUNA   -30% chance of getting bashed

BrnIz39 – 40% of calls 3’s5

 brodie1088  see COM1088

brownbomb  40% of brownbombs ratings are 1 star bombs

buck5 – risky.  generally leaves 3’s

bugster4203  –  Leaves only 3’s. Plays trick the psychic.  leaves long winded feedback as to how she is a researcher.   The same kind of ego as realist411.

cabanagrl – 75% chance of a bash , believes every reader is out to get her

Caloth  don’t  expect any other rating than a  4 even if you are bang on and she says “wow”  –

Candycrush5 – 75% chance you will get bashed after a reading that lasts less than 2 minutes

CANDYGIRL46   –  Candygirl  needs to change her name to monstergirl –  7/10  reviews on first page google are 1 with nasty nasty feedback,  2 are 3.  she is hateful.

carback11   –

carlean  –  In the past  rarely  left  more than 2- 3 stars,  4 if she thought you were  brilliant,  Seems to have cooled off lately  3 -4

Cathy101  – lots of 3’s

CeCe116 – watch out!

CECErocks also HeavenG -25% chance of getting bashed.  Adviser on Keen. Look at this response to an honest adviser  admitting a lack of connection, which is typical of the sound of how cruel she bashes when she does bash.: ” Waste of $4 bucks. She said we didn’t connect and let me go. REFUND!”  This feedback coming from a fellow adviser, who should know that connection isn’t always possible? If anyone should know , she should know.. that you reward this honesty, not condemn it. Yuck. Load her up with  false hope (in a clearly hopeless situation ) in your reading  and she will reward you in return with 5 stars and even acknowledge its because you are giving her hope. Again, yuck. Totally unacceptable from someone who should know better and should be supporting honesty not pipe dreams.

charmed09  – risky.

characters234  –  Calls a lot , favorite rating is 3+4  , lots of 2’s , occasionally  a 5

chelsea42223 –almost all ratings are 4 and under.

Chica32  – 50% chance of a 3 , another 25% chance of a 1 or 5, The other 25% 4s

Chloe44  -80% chance you will get a 3 or less. 

chocolate kakes –  BASHER!!!    For her birthday she asks for psychics to bash.  Extremely 2 faced, behind her “receptive” approach to your reading, is someone who can’t wait to hang up so that she can bash you.  95%  of her calls are “Terrible” ‘ lol” ‘ Awful’  to her.      I wonder why someone who feels themselves so aligned with God ( as you will see in the following quote ) would feel  that her God would approve of her consistently leaving downright cruel and mocking  feedback.  She leaves this with 1 star :    “… started out accurate, but as she went on, I just couldn’t bring myself to believe her. I won’t believe that the God that I believe in would send garbage my way. I’ll never believe that…ever! I dismiss everything that she said to me in the name of God himself, and I pray that I will never hear words like that again.”   Likely,  the garbage that has come her way ( since she does acknowledge the advisers accuracy )  is the garbage she sends out returned.

chocolatelove –  seems to be in love with leaving 3-4 stars.  Bunch of 1’s as well.

christid76 – 80% chance of bash – had the nerve to leave 3 stars for reading not being psychic because adviser used tarot, and in the same feedback asked for minutes to be sent so she/he can get a real reading.    RUNNN

cin42 – leaves 5’s  but is slightly risky

clearsight an adviser, likely the same as Katherine59 and alex2011. Abusive.  

CoachForLife   Expect one of these 2 ratings: 1 OR  4

Codex9974  – risky

COM1088 – see dc1088  brodie1088 ,and wk888 – all the same person and really bad news. changes names to stalk advisers that block her.

conniejo42 – Not a basher at all. Most calls are 4.

cookie3444  same as Pretty Angel54 – Pretty Angel54  navigates  around Keen solely on fretee emails and minutes.

cououo  – 95% chance of getting bashed.  Do not try to be a hero and take this call. Your 1 is already predetermined by her

CoyDancer  –   does not always bash. but she is a very poor listener.  Extremely unpleasant  to read for.  I blocked her  after her 3rd call to me even though she left me 5 star ratings. Not worth the abuse.

Cretia  – risky , good chance of getting bashed

crisis29 If you like being treated like a cockroach, take her call.

cupcakee69 -30% chance of bash

cupcakegurl –  bashes alot and starts off with ” I am sorry to do this….”   She seems to be controlling.  Wants to hear things the way she wants to hear them

cymbidium -Unstable   psychic on Keen. Multi bashes.  Completely abusive. In line with Realist411 in that she calls simply to argue and harass the adviser . She will rip a new adviser to shreds, then sweetly wish their new business luck .  She will visciously tear an advisors character and abilities apart , then sweetly  wish them “God Bless” as if God would support her feedback methods. You will need to bathe and smudge your working area for 36 hours after you have spoken to her.  See also “Simply cymbidium and “Just cymbidium“Taskas Perlas   Spirit healing- Member 7483237a   Member since 1/2/2003    90%  basher

D7  – basher.  openly admits that she is bashing because the adviser said something different than the others she spoke to . Mean spirited.

dannyro03 – 33% chance of a 1

daria2010  – 3/3 calls  1 starred.

dawnbringer11 –  Had a history of very few bashes until recently .  Now 80%

dc1088,  – 4/7  on google 1star. big time basher – argumentative ,threatens suicide if she feels hurt by what you are saying – verified she is the same as  LT1088 and COM1088 and wk888, although COM1088 seems to have cooled off lately. LT1088 still shows a stream of  nasty attacks. Now  brodie1088

ddenmon  — should be spelled demon.    95% bash and says  “stupid b__”  in feedback

Deelite76 –     80% chance that she  will call you a fraud.  After her super short call,  She demands free minutes and follow up email answers that are actually totally new questions.  She will hold back feedback and bash you if you refuse to answer all her emails, plus send her minutes. Ungrateful –  A blood sucker.

deespen – Very risky. new caller to Keen.  Having a secret love affair ( with herself)

dgianopolous  – 60% chance you will be left 1 star

dianna5616 – 85% likelihood this one will bash you  calls a lot , pages and pages are 1 star  with nasty feedback in caps. Blames psychics for her calling addiction.  Unable to take responsibility for her own choices

dnasrun81 – batting 100% bashes

douyuka78 – Not a big basher per say…although tends to bash when timelines are not exact to the minute.   Has unreasonable expectations

DONNA93  – rarely a 5    calls a lot  – mostly 3-4

Dontlietome  –  Not a big basher,but as the name suggests,is the attitude you will get.

Dorisday – 90% bash. Is literally looking for a mind reader.    She expects you to know exactly how long she has been in her relationship for .  The only positive rating I found was this one:   “5 stars, IT didn’t even matter to me if you were psychic or not. You gave me hope and you comfort me”   She prefers that her psychic gives her a fairy tale.

Dory01 – All feedback left are 1’s.  Every single one of them.

DRAGON-LEO – 60% feedback is 1

drea1xiong   A quote  “Lies all lies! save your money people! put your trust and faith in god..”

deamon88 – calls a lot.  almost 40%  of feedback are 1’s

dtr86 -25% 1’S – prefers 4’s over 5’s

ecriva   –  seems to get blocked by readers quite a bit.  She does not leave feedback initially, but will bash once she finds out she has been blocked.

eneptune  – adviser on Keen, basher

ELOCKE — BASHER BASHER BASHER    calls alot  55% of calls  1’s ,80% chance of 3 or less

emedwards  – Multi bashes

EMMA Beauty   calls a lot 30% calls are 1star . has a listing on keen.

EmsKitty-  Perhaps it is the time that I googled, but all calls are 1.

Esther04  – 90% basher

estizalts  –  hostile

exceptlife – adviser on Keen.  70% chance of bash.  Don’t even think of telling her that her that the man that she loves is not interested.

Exotic lady –   exoticlady –  In google search first 10 – 6 are 1 stars.  Arguementative

EzzieD  – avoid

faith1229 – 60% chance of 3 or less

fancyfree  –  don’t expect more than a 3 with this one

fazon65  –80% calls 3 and less – about 70% of these are 1’s

fdaeesdaewgwrdf  –  40 calls  85% bashed

Feary Goddess  — Adviser on Keen. Big basher . Asks trick questions: “..The 2questions are things i already in are true but you answer was inaccurate therefore i can’t trust your other prediction. I asked u if my boss will be promoted soon or stay? You said he will stay then you said she will stay a little then promoted. Well she already quit 3weeks ago..”

FernDale – an adviser on Keen

figueroa001  rarely a 5  lots of  2, 3 s  and some 4 ‘s

flame1111  — not a basher per say,  but what a bore!   Likely an adviser on Keen herself, when she does bash, she tends to go into long drawn out “teachings” about how a higher vibrational adviser should read.   Loves the sound of her own voice.

Flower goddess234 –  Will bash you because your reading was “different than what the others said”  Yup , that’s all it takes!  In all likelihood the “others” were readings that had a happy ending for her.

flygirl20034  -Adviser on Keen.  Calls a lot.40% 1s – rude person, rude feedback

Focusednclear – 2 MINUTE CALLER ( so you can forget about feeling focused and clear before you start her reading , unless being interrupted with the one minute warning only seconds into you reading is a turn on for you) – Out of  33 feedbacks showing on google,  28 are 3”S –  She comes back later with present date and says “Wrong”

fprincess57  ” Omg worst ever….”Omg .. what a joke”  – This is how she describes her readings.

frankee –  she certainly likes leaving 2’s

Freebird73       30% chance of getting bashed

Freep99  2 calls to different advisers, both calls 2 stars – both with this feedback  “NO-NO danget she didn’t even answer my question because she couldn’t get it right…..darn!!!”   A indication of things to come with this caller

future47 Openly admits she is leaving 1 star because your reading is different that all the others that predicted a return.

fyi88 –  bad news

gioiellileaves only 3’s

glorytohim  –  New name , old big  basher.  Keeps changing name and creating new accounts. 

glovergirl – 100% chance you will get bashed 

Golden-Angel –  You will be bashed in a mean spirited way

going fishing 120 – also  angel eyes42,  glorytohim ,  Member 32686    90% basher  Favorite feedback:”TELLS YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR”

goldenbrowncinna  –  condescending .  25% chance of getting a 1

Gra628  same as Member628  – –  Calls alot – 50%+ of ratings are 1  –

grnmeadow 80% chance of getting bashed

Haitiangoddess  – RUN!

hanakim  – You decide. Calls a lot. – 20%  call are 1’s .  Her feedback can be pretty rude.

happycat – needs to rename herself to nastycat. mean-spirited basher .  She is not dealing with a full deck.   Bashing gives her intense joy.  on 2 pages of google  EVERY SINGLE review is 1 star – all 20!!   And she even bashed cruelly  when she was given free minutes, complained that the 4 free  minutes  she was given were a waste of time.!!

Happysoul27  -70%  have this exact feedback Worst reading i ever had! She is fake and none of her predictions came to pass! :”    Unusual, since some of these advisers are male.  A cut and paste basher.

HawaiianRhino  -75% bashes, and  multi bashes.   Calls a lot,  From FB it looks as though he rewards positive outcomes and is not really interested to hear otherwise. He is trying to stalk his ex and although  he insists he only wants to know the truth of whether or not she will be making contact,  he only wants to hear a yes or for certain you will be bashed.  She changed her phone, email and address..  Demanding , argumentative and terrorizes the adviser – “Fraud” “Crap” and “NEVER AGAIN”  is part of his FB vocabulary.

hayleyscott  – Basher!!!!   78/80 calls  that show in google are 1’s  RUNNN!  Totally coo coo.  Leaves the majority of 1 stars (95%) for predictions not coming through, leaving a comment such as “wrong. predictions never happened”. Next comes the 1’s for the readers rudeness, or refusing to take her call a second time,  then more 1’s for the rest of the advisers who did not predict  the same as the majority of the other advisers: “She contradicted all other readers on this site!”  So, let me get this straight- 95% are wrong so they get bashed and the other 5% who said something totally different from the  95% that she said were wrong, also get bashed.   Huh? See what I mean – COO COO.

Heal With Spirit –  Adviser on Keen.  Leaves feedback that sounds a lot like realist411.  Just as obnoxious

Heaveng – see cecerocks

HEIDI3764  – 100% basher

hello161 –  75% bash.  Sees the psychic as the enemy at all times  – as someone who should be exposed as inadequate or a fraud. changes name frequently.

Here and know –  40% chance of bash

Henna999  75% basher.  Will call many times, and in her own words, let it be known that the adviser has always been accurate except on this 1 occasion that she is bashing. 

herns – semi basher in past, gotten  serial basher  95% calls bashed

HOLA1 – There are pages of feedback from her. 95% are bashed.  She will bash you if you tell her that the guy she is into blocked her because he is not interested, and if you give her timing that is off by a day. 

Honugirl4596 —  40%  of getting bashed

hopeful84  -50%  chance of getting bashed

Hopefulandloving –  called an astrologer, under her astrology listing and had this to say beside her bash: “No a psychic she talks about the sun, rhe moon and the stars…”HOLA1

Ice87 -80% bashed

Icewine –  Bad news.  Quite risky, plus, leaving a 3 star rating because she had a storm in her area, and got disconnected, is just wrong.  What would make her think that an adviser should be penalized for her technical issues.

Icewine2 – 20% bash.   Very poor listener.

ile – Works on Keen.

lmbsilverwings  –  RUN!!   6/7 calls bashed.

 Indigobaby  –   Run!  Batting 75% bashing so far!  multi bashes

inlove24 –  100% chance you will get bashed.  She is totally insane. Lies to advisers, than bashes them for struggling with their  reading – when they say ” I don’t know” because they cannot get a connection to the question she is asking..( Or rather lying about) .. she will bash them for not knowing the answer to her question that never exisited in the first place.  This is how she “Tests” psychics.  Its very sick. Plus she is greedy. She has left feedback that claims other readers have been “spot on”, yet there appears to be zero positve feedback for anyone.  Shes greedy. Only capable of sharing negativity  that will knock down an advisers ablility, and refuses to share feedback that would help promote an advisers ability

inneed2 1 star with ” You lie through your teeth..u are wrong.”  Big big basher, calls a lot

Insight411 – I have received quite a few emails from advisers asserting that she is the same as realist411 because they have spoken to both, although no one knows for absolutely certain .  If they are correct  , this is like the wicked witch of the west and her sister Glenda the good witch.  This persona leaves only strong ratings and helpful comments.  I am not totally sold on them being the same , so I can’t rate.  She did , however, call one adviser a “fucking loser” in a blog comment, which does seem very much like realist411.  Maybe insight411 got her names mixed up and accidentally left that comment under the wrong persona?

intowit23     70% chance you will get bashed

Itzel0911 – 35% calls are 1’s, asking for a refund.  Calls a lot.  An unusual amount of feedback claims that ” I couldn’t hear you”.  Leaves 5’s for feel good readings, 1’s if you tell her that her relationship will not last. Same person as  lotus0929 (who bashes 30%)

iwtbl  –  20  calls 11 are 1’s   –

Jacques61   – Actually lies about results in feedback to prove adviser is wrong and typically adds:   with 1 star ” In the name of JESUS satan and his demons must flee! JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS!”  I assume in Jacques world Jesus approves of  lying .

jadaa40 -50% chance of  getting bashed. Rude.

JanBig   -1-3  are  80%  of  her ratings -watch out!

janisssa  same as roberta88    coo coo –   see roberta88 

jason1776  –  has a hate on for Keen.  10/10 feedback left says ‘ keen has poor business practice”

jazzyasme -50% chance of bash

jimmspsyche    Bashes every call with, literally,   a cut and paste long rant that starts off warning everyone not to trust psychics,  save their money,   and how he was told that a girl would return in a couple of days, and did not.  He then talks about how the psychic did a 180 turn around on him. I suspect he is actually a bible thumper trying to turn potential clients away from calling all psychics

Joanna08 – basher

John1987 — Although does leave 5, leaves lots of 1.s with “horrible”

jones008  – 45% of 1 or 2

jorgeyolis  -35% chance of a bash

joyforall – needs to change name to ‘ creepyforall”.  Arrogant , controlling and 100% of calls bashed

joysapril81-  4 calls, 2 are 1’s with odd feedback.  Bad sign of things to come with her.

JRLUX2001  –  don’t expect anything other 2 stars or 4 stars

JSTDROPNIN33 – Not a basher per say. 2 min caller although does , leaves a lot of 3’s and some 1’s with remarks such as “different from the rest” or that the adviser told her that the timing was up to her because she needs to heal first before there can be changes to her life. She does not like answers that involve her free will.  She calls a lot.

julialynn  BIG  TIME BASHER, ALSO PSYCHIC ON KEEN  . leaves feedback that says “nope”

Junebug3  – adviser on Keen

jusfun – 80% of 30 calls are 1’s.  Admits in feedback that asks a question they already know the answer to. And actually has the nerve to say that they hate to leave bad feedback.  ( I don’t think so)

Just cymbidium   – See cymbidium , simply cymbidium and Taskas  – Unstable adviser on Keen

justme1218  -In her infinite wisdom, Justme1218 explains why continues to bash readers ” she said she wasn’t a mind reader..then what is she? …”

Kambodiangudiz – Expect to get bashed if you can’t keep up with her 10+ questions (yes literally), in 5 minutes .  Pausing to gather information is a no no for her. You are to answer all her questions without gasping for air.

kandy23 – 75% chance you will be abused first, then bashed.

kansas52145  – 20 calls , 20 1’s   100% basher

kareno4  – Risky

karma12  – Run!!  This one wants EXACT DATES AND LOCATIONS.. will test you .  Is new as of 2012  and showing great promise as a super basher

Katherine59  – 90% bash . Likely the same person as alex2011 and  adviser clearsight.  Abusive.

kchamb7059  – . bashes almost always because she claims that the adviser told her something different than the “hundreds of psychics ”  that have seen positive results for her –  essentially saying that if you refuse to tell her a fairy tale, she will bash you.

kdavis25 –  avoid

Kenny1369  –   8/10  on first page are 1 stars with verbally abusive feedback.  some he left multiple 1’s  for.  Calls drunk and angry, changes name to harass advisers who block him

khannaP06  -75% chance you will get bashed.  She is a totally coo coo argumentative  2 minute speed questions caller.  

khutnow  –  70%   1-2 stars.  Left 3 for someone who she said she “Loved”  and will call again.  If you use cards to read, she will bash you.

khill11  – A moderate basher and  not the most pleasant to read for.


kimmusic – Appears to be a “new” caller – Feedback suggests otherwise.  This is one to avoid , too many poor ratings.

kimmyintxCalls alot.  About 20% calls are 1’s.  Lots of 3’s

kirah10  60% chance of a 3 or less

kmeister – a frequent caller to Keen , that only leaves feedback when shes unhappy with the reading

kookkidd20 –  see sweetrose77

Krjeffcoat –   Get ready to feel your skin crawl.   Very similar to realist411. Darth Vadar  , looking to bash someone, anyone – before she has her breakfast. Venomous…already has the answers, demands you can match her beliefs. 98% ( yes 98/100 ) of her calls (and she has called close to 200 advisers !) are 1 stars.   What makes this woman super creepy is that after she  “FRAUD!” ” Clueless”  she adds a cute sad face  😦

krutledge011310 –wants free minutes.  Won’t spend a cent

krysta209  – 30%  chance of bash.  Want yes /no  answers quickly spit out.   

kuma14 –  85% of  calls are one stars    –  uses descriptions  like “rotten”, “terrible”  and  “a real psychic would….”This creature gave  1  adviser 3 stars for being accurate but talking too slow and another 2 stars for being accurate but talking too fast. 1 adviser got bashed with viscous feedback because she could not pin  point  the date and hour in which Kuma lost her phone.

Kundalinifire   Is not a basher, at all.  She does however, leave 3’s  with the explanation that the reader has just told her the opposite of what  the other readers have told her.   Really, she is calling to have only the positive confirmed,  and be told the same as the what majority of all her other readers have.

  Lady3273   – Run!

Lady-Esmeralda  -Adviser on Keen – She will go into great detail describing how you are not psychic and not to be trusted.

Lady Mercedes  – Same as WisdomTruth. 80% chance she will bash you. Her feedback is so angry, that it is difficult to imagine that she works as an adviser . Will harass you for free email readings after her call, and before she rates you. See Wisdom Truth for more info.

Lady Taska  – See Pearl of the Orient Sea

lafjjaoejuruofdajd – see Liarliar

lalaquez  45% chance of bash

LANIA STAR  – adviser on KEEN. Also PADMAPANI   . Probably also Taskas Perlas    Leaves a 1 for an adviser who advertises she reads tarot because ” I don’t like tarot”

Laura011 -70% chance of a bash

Lavern S  –    She is not your friend.  She will give you wonderful feedback a few times , then out of the blue , bash you so cruelly with the intention of making you look like you had originally conned her.  

laylalms  – 85% of calls 1’s  .  Demands a general reading, even if you advertise that you do not do general readings.

lazykupo – 60% chance of getting bashed


leethan  –  Good chance of a 3

liarliar – Also  lafjjaoejuruofdajd – The name says it all. Expects to be lied to.  Leaves feedback like “nope”  and “don’t call her” and “foolishness”

Libra29 – also noapoligies

libramarine – Run !  New to Keen. Has made almost 60 calls since Nov 2011.  Only 5 are 5’s .. 45% of all calls are 1’s.  The others mostly 2’s and 3’s.  Expect her to hold off rating you if she feels your worthy of a 5 because  holding off ensures her that she can  speak to you again because you will fear blocking her…  She will then bash you when you slip up once without the benefit of the other 5 star ratings.  It’s a no win situation, so you might as well block  her.

libramoon56  –  BASHER!!  80% chance you will be 1 starred.  Adviser on Keen.  favorite phrase in feedback  “way off”

LiEnergy  – RUNNN!  coo coo  – Another realist411 –  , seeks out the new psychics to destroy.

LilBigfoot-90% chance of getting bashed.   Will go to great lengths to explain how bad you are, but if you are the other 10% that gets the  4 or 5 stars , the only remark is “thanks”.   The fun is in the tearing down, never in the building up…greedy.

LilDaisy78 — She is totally miserable.  Expect a 3 even if the reading was great, because she is waiting for the prediction to occur.   85%  1’s.  the rest 2 or 3’s. Multi bashes

LillyD – looking for a ridiculous amount of information within the 1st minute of call.  If you don’t “pick up” and squeeze in , within the first 30 seconds of her call  that  her love interest is married, she will bash you.   She does seem to have cooled off lately, not bashing these days.

Lionheart83   – An adviser on Keen who is generous with leaving 1’s

Lisala07 – Mostly 5’s but alot of 4’s and 3’s.  I find this  penalizing for a truthful reading to be quite unusual for someone who also reads. “He knows what he’s talking about. I’m too hard-headed to listen” “Showed me the problem and I see possible solutions. It sucks, though”  These advisers  got 4’s whereas the ones the gave her “hope” 5’s

Lisha Long  35% of getting bashed with cruel feedback

lisse    –  85% chance of a bash -Emotionally unbalanced.  2-3 minute calls, asking complex questions that you get cut off while answering . – Intentionally does not rate ,  claiming she does not have access to her computer .  Then when you tell her something she does not want to hear, will immediately multi bash.

listening  –  65% chance of getting bashed

Littleyoshie – Pleads for free minutes ,  than bashes those that are kind enough to send them to her!  4/5  reviews in google search are 1’s !

livelife14  –  Gives 5 stars if you give her hope, 1 if you tell her something she does not want to hear.  When revealed to her that the death card showed up and  in her case in meant that her relationship will end, she left 1 star explaining that the death card means new beginnings in her case. I don’t think so. But she must think that leaving 1 star will make it so. Why do people like her call psychics?

Loaded Pistil  – Adviser on Keen.  Will multi bash other advisers .

Lollylolly  – 70% chance of a 1    Same as Bettybetty123  .  Invokes the support of God in her feedback while intentionally lying.  Multi bashed 1 reader under 2 names, referring to one of the names as though it was not her.   An evil act.

lotus0929  – See Itzel0911 –  if you tell her that her relationship will not last, you are going to get a 1 and she will “pray” that you are wrong.

loveandlight1111  – 40% chance of getting bashed. Will call several times then come back and multibash

lovesorte  -40% chance of getting a 1

Loveuniversity  –  65% bashing.  Emotionally unbalanced .  Sends out generic emails to all advisers  asking for minutes to ” catch up” because she is an old costumer.  

LoveXoXo  –  38/40  calls are 1 star

lovely4u  -30% chance of 1 –

LT1088 – see dc1088  -The same as DC1088 and COM1088 and wk888- nasty when she bashes,argumentative . See wk888 for more.

luckynlove77   –  expect a 2

luvlyleo21 – expect 3 and less. If you get a 4, buy a lottery ticket.

Lyvwyr 60%  bash

M 47364  – expect a 3 

mackpuppy  – 75% chance of getting bashed

Madison62 – Basher

Magic Pearls, Lady Taska and Pearl of the Orient Sea – The same person.  Adviser on Keen – See Pearl of the Orient Sea

mamapeaceblondie  -60% chance of 1.  Bashes if  she doesn’t agree with you.

Mandy1020 – in many of her fbs. she states that she was hung up on by the adviser.

mandyland416 – every single one of her feedbacks is 1 star with a comment that predictions did not happen.

mariewinter  – 80% chance of bash

mary albanese -Although I have not found any feedback from her, word on the street has it that she ” RAGES..and swears using foul language,very hostile . No matter what you tell her she turns it into a negative. Wants a fairy tale answer ..”

Marky0509  –An absolutely  horrific listener. He is a rude bully ,not only abusive to the advisers but likely to woman in general.  He is not aggressive so to speak, but he uses a “polite” condescending tone. Unless  you tell him only good outcomes,  he challenges you and plays test the psychic.   If you do not see this egotistical man’s girlfriend crawling back to him  on all fours , expect this to send him into a frenzy of asking impossible questions to test your accuracy , until he finds something that you are wrong about, assuring himself that if you are wrong about the tiniest of  fact, you are wrong about his girl crawling back… –   30%  calls bashed.

martm – Mood disorder and relationship counselor on Keen.  Left 3 stars with this to say : “Pretty good at reading people, but not very good at making predictions. Telling someone that you have two paths every time I ask a question does not appear to be a psychic quality to me. I could give that answer and I’m not claiming to be a psychic. ”    I find it remarkable that someone with her kind of training has such a shallow understanding of  how free will works.

master1971—semi basher

mattdean  4/5 calls 1 star

maxwell7375 – 50/50  – This is an interesting one. I have gotten  a few emails about this one being a basher, however, today Google shows me only 1/10  are 1 star and the rest5’s, yet the first time I googled there appeared unpredictable ratings.

mcross  95% chance you will be bashed

me45689  – He is an absolute bully , will try to control the reading. Preferred mode of communication: intimidation.  He will abuse you than bash you. Is the same as whoknows123

mem 562  completely off her rocker.  100% bashing.  She will  bash you for being correct because she finds it suspicious that you are accurate. She will bash a tarot readier for using the tarot.

memb8660  – Only leaves 3’s

Member016444  – YIKES! RUN RUN RUN!  Likely another adviser.

Member628  –  see gra628 –  same person

Member738687 – 95% you will be bashed.  An ugly spirit.

 Member 32686    90% chance of getting bashed . same as going fishing 120 , glorytohim ,  angel eyes42

Member 7483237a  – 85% bashes-  psychic on keen -rude and emotionally unbalanced- changes name frequently.  same as agoodname  Also  Ms-Angie  (Member since 1/2/2003)

memorial11  – Unless you give her good news, expect to get bashed

Mena Mazeri -same as   7483237a       adviser on Keen

mexicanlady  – Run.  She wants only positive news. Will compare you to other readers, plus wants you to read her mind.

mgs77  – Adviser on Keen. Calls alot.   leaves 5s, and mostly 4’s,  and lots of 1’s , gets several readings from one reader, then comes back and multi bashes.-   Short short calls, despite on  her own listing she  says she cannot do short calls.

MHaniff15    Avoid this one. 80%  chance for 1 – 2 stars with a remark such as terrible , way off

midget0513  –  no 5’s   Mostly 4’s and less

MindHeart Readings  –  100% chance of really nasty bashing. She intimidates the adviser she is calling.

Miracle Sky  -see also  Pearl of the Orient Sea – Adviser on Keen, bashes other advisers. Seems that not being able to pronounce or remember her name is enough to get you bashed.

mire325 – semi basher – plays test the psychic

miss clicker  -lives to bash  –

missh15 –  Feels she already knows the answers. Is calling to have you confirm what she “knows” to be true.65% basher.  And what is true in her mind is that there will be a reconciliation.  I suspect 25 years from now she will still be bashing readers for who will not tell her that this man is returning.

missyhope    25% chance of bash (includes 2 and less) – Argumentative.

missyleo – 20% chance of getting bashed. asks for lottery info and if you explain Keens policy – she bashes

MissMaven –  20% chance of bash.   

misskymm  – she calls a lot.  She is not a basher at all, however  when she does bash , she is honest as to why.  She states quite openly that your low score is due to your reading predicting negative results and not the same positive results that the other advisers  have given her.

m mmm  – Multi bashes

mondor – watch out

moniquita – Calls a lot.  90%calls are 1. Will openly admit your low score is because you didn’t predict happiness, then bash you if you do and you are wrong

Moonlight77  – Adviser on Keen who calls a lot and “hates” leaving bad feedback, yet her hatred does not prevent her from leaving 1’s 65%  of the time.

Moonlightmagic65  -40% chance of bash

Moonlite5  -risky

MoonsPet – Has a pretty unreasonable expectation of advisers. If you are direct with her and the news isn’t good , expect a bash  25% are 1

MovingUp –  She will store up ratings, then multi bash you.   She is unable to accept responsibility for her own actions

mpalubicki   75%  calls 1star.. always with this remark ” ‘The opposite of what was said is happening”

MsCHEROKEE — Buy a lottery ticket if you get more than 2 stars from this one.  Calls alot.   Will save up feedback than multibash you.

Ms-Angie – 85% bash – Keen adviser – rude  and emotionally unbalanced  ,  changes name alot. also agoodname and Member 7483237a (Member since 1/2/2003)

MsTyque  – she will multi bash you.  Call you a fraud. 40%  of getting bashed .

mwcb11   – 35%  of bash

MyAngels33  –  If this 2 star feedback doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will:

“I called you last week and asked why my bf hasnt called me for 2 days (he calls me eeryday) …….What really happened was, He called me after and mentioned his cell phone got run over, he lost all his contacts, then he contacted his cousin to get my friends number, then he alled my friend to asked for my number. I gave 2 stars only because last time you did mentioned somethings that other psychics have mentioned. Maybe u didnt connect w me this time ”

Mydnite   – 60% chance your reading will be a “load of crap”  to her

Mylo22   65% chance of a bash

MyNameIs88 – 7/7 calls bashed.  Articulate  feedback with the exact same cold message “In my opinion inaccurate. Do not recommend.” All calls in late Feb 2012. Likely an old caller with new name who enjoys playing in the Keen killing ground. Gets weirder – stalks advisers who she has bashed, by repeatedly trying to connect through chat.

Mystic Places of Dawn  – not a basher, but average rating is 3

nastasia –  5 calls on first page, 3 are 1’s  –

Neekaah -100 % of  her calls on google bashed.  

Newtothis28  – Is new and is batting 100% with negative feedback

Night Lights  – BASHER!! Mean spirited.  Demanding. intelligent, plays test the psychic. Calls advisers satan.  sometime in sept 2011 she announces that she will never call another psychic again.  she lied.

niko93      35% chance  you’ll get bashed

nina13   BASHER RUN RUN!   9/10 1’S

no1chic – avoid this one.  will leave 3-4 stars or less if the predictions have occurred but needs to wait and see  if she should  return to up rating if all predictions occurs. Lots of 1’s as well.

normaflores  – risky.  leaves fb warning others not to call

oak1- 20 feedbacks  all 20 1’s   .   RUNNNN .  According to her, all positive feedback left before hers is a scam and in her own words : “I have not found any psychic on this site is correct”  Coo Coo.  With all her disappointment on Keen, she continues to call relentlessly which clearly suggests her soul purpose for calling Keen is to shoot the sitting ducks. Jan 2012 update:  As of 2012 , she started leaving 5’s here and there , suggesting  her calls have been turned away, and she knows why and it’s only a matter of time before she starts her shooting spree again.

oceandeep  80% calls are 1’s

Ocean Wave  – Not a basher in the least , but I added this name because some say that this  is the same as  Pearl of the Orient (see below) but I don’t buy it.

Olgame  55% your gonna get bashed

operationsave2010  -80% of getting bashed, plus will call you on 2 different identities to see if reading matched

orchid71   –  bad news  65%  you will get a 3

Original Thoughts  –  This one was tough to rate.  Not the worst basher per say (20% chance 3 or less), but horrifically demanding and unpleasant to read for.  She will intentionally hold off rating you, if she intends to call you again. Once she discovers she has been blocked, she will vindictively  down rate you – in other words she is aware she is holding you rating hostage.

PADMAPANI  same as LANIA STAR  and likely  Taskas Perlas- adviser on KEEN.  Leaves a 1 for an adviser who advertises she reads tarot because ” I don’t like tarot”

palc2507 – Risky.

Palmway78   99% of her 40 calls are 1’s with painfully – long –  drawn –  out -description as to how the adviser failed.    RUNNN.  What is truly indicative of her mental disturbance is that the one adviser who she gave a 5 to, only gets  a “tks.”    She is mean and stingy. Perfectly willing to give a long drawn out explanation as to why an adviser is bad, but not willing to put in any energy into explaining why a reading  was good.  ALSO  She will call for 1 minute, ask her question then hang up.  She will then demand in an email you answer her question  via email ( or get bashed)

pattycake13  somewhat risky

paulawong  – 39/40  1 star .    RUN RUN RUN

peaceLOVElight10  – an adviser on Keen.  Hides her id – changes it to a number  , argumentative , then bashes.

Pearl of Orient Sea -basher- She’s an adviser on Keen.  Advisers claim that her alternative names are 888 Miracles,  pink orchids , Great View, Ocean Wave, Lady Taska, Miracle Sky  and Magic Pearls . I have been able to confirm, only,  that Lady Taska , Magic Pearls and 888 Miracles  are definitely her alternative names. Strong likelihood she is also Miracle sky. I doubt that she is Pink Pearls or Ocean Wave, though. Not only a basher,   she has been described as argumentative, compares your readings with others and will bash if your reading is different than the rest,   2 faced, and plays test the psychic., plus if you can’t remember her name or mispronounce it, expect to get bashed.

Perplexed74 – BASHER –  RUN RUN RUNNNN! –

petirene569  -55% chance of getting bashed

phetran  – not a basher , but sure does love leaving 3s

pickledginger  – on this list because of fair risk of 4 or less.

pink orchid – See pearl of the orient sea

piglet19  – not a basher at all .  expect no more than 4 though

PJB – BASHER RUN RUN RUN!    14/15  1’s!!     The last one a 3!

Pleasant Smile  – 95% chance that 2 faced smile will give you horrible feedback

Plhall1  – 50% chance of bash.  She is angry and completely off her rocker

Plumeria Pilialoha  – Not a big basher per say, although she does bash on occasion. She is an adviser on Keen who calls others a lot.  The main issue I have with her is that she called a totally new adviser , who charges a mere $0.90 , and bashed her for not doing timing, effectively  in one big swoop, destroying her confidence and her business before it even had a chance to take off.  As, an adviser herself,  who knows how timing works, and as one who frequently asks others to trade readings with her, she should know better than most, to leave the young ones alone . Cruel.  I just thank my lucky stars that when I first started reading on Keen, while still adjusting to the routine,   she did not call me.

ponch –  Over  35% of ponch’s readings are “not good”

pooh48 -High high risk.  calls a lot of psychics,,will repeat call you , not leave a rating , then comes back and multi bashes.

Pretty Angel54 – Navigates around Keen solely on free emails and minutes.  The same as cookie3444

PrettyAngel87 -S ee  Pearl of Orient Sea

Pretty lady – Not a basher, but leaves a lot of 3’s and 4’s

prettything13 – unstable – 60% chance of a bash

PrincessG24 –  Risky -55% 1’s

Psychic Snaketress  – Leaves abusive feedback.  Says “idiot”  “Horrible”.  She says she is a psychic adviser  herself which is highly doubtful  , given the nature of her venomous feedback.     She cloaks  her abusive nature as concern for the reputation of  psychic community.

pyeager57- 30%. – She will bash if you if you suggest that she is in charge of her own life and that her actions impact final results.

rainbodash – 65%  bashed

Rajab   18/20  feedback is 1

rcr1   30% chance of a bash

REAL DEAL44 – wants you to agree that the “man in question” is her soul mate. If you don’t agree with that, you will get bashed.

realist411     This one gets the most attention as she is beyond a doubt, the closest  to Darth Vader of all whom I have read for, and according to  all the emails I have received, I am not alone in this thinking.   Super intelligent,  but madder than a hatter.   From the get go , she will viciously attack the reader.  She will call astrologers and argue with them for asking for birth dates. She will argue with  readers who ask her  name – accusing them of stalling.  In other words she  intentionally calls for an argument – like that Monty Python sketch, except the  adviser isn’t in on her amusement. One reader described a call with her : Realist,  viciously tore into her claiming she was using fear mongering techniques when the reader revealed to her that the object of her desire is not interested in her .  The reader politely suggested the call end, since only 2 minutes had elapsed,  offering free of charge to email the rest of her reading . Rather than end the unpleasant 2 min call , Realist continued , for an additonal 5 minutes to challenge and abuse  the adviser  until she  had to be hung up on.   Knowing that the adviser couldn’t defend herself , the bully of course,  left a scathing 1 star review.    Even the  readers that she’ll leave 5 stars for, will  block her , and there are many advisers  that she testifies about in her own feedback,  that hang up on her mid call!  She is THAT creepy.  A self proclaimed gifted psychic/healer  herself , she insists that she  only uses Keen when she has burning questions.. which appears to be 365 days a year.    In 2010 and earlier ,  85% of  her  over 100 calls were 1.s.   Since this list came out  in mid 2010, she has started to leave  3’s and  5’s here and there. For  a big chunk of 2011 , the bully even appeared to have found new haunting grounds, but now in 2013 , the bully’s  bacccckk with a vengeance,  feeding off  poor new advisers to Keen .   Her heart has been deeply  broken these days so her feedback is not only  more vicious ( if that’s possible) , it continues to be  totally created, since this damaged woman admits she gets hung up on,  and does not get a full reading.   2013, she’s  spinning out of control.  Pages and pages of  creepy feedback.  Madder than a hatter.  Also see insight411  .

rethe123 – 30% Chance of bash

rezmedic1962  -10 calls 6 below 3

Richardastrust   – demanding  guy  throws  a dozen “when,where, who”  questions at you  in a 3 minute call without any breathing space..Will  bash you  if you can’t keep up with his  onslaught of questions,   or if you try to  offer advice .  Not a big basher per say, but so very unpleasant to read for.

riomex12  -Shallow angry gal who thinks she deep .    80% of bash .  This feedback made me laugh really hard.  Ron Burgundy in Anchorman could not have said it better:  “Another one who wants the date of birth. It is part of identity theft for you to ask me my date of birth. You dont respect anonymity when you ask for date of birth. You are not psychic if you need a date of birth. True psychic can just read. ”

roberta88  –  An adviser on Keen.  Same as Janisssa 75% chance she will bash you.  And if she calls you more than once, she will save up feedback , and  return later to multi bash with the most fantastical stories , that sound incredibly realistic.  She holds her feedback back  as a method to force you to continue to take her calls, but in the end you will get bashed regardless of how accurate you are because torturing you before  bashing  is pleasing to her.  She bashed  1 adviser 7 times  who did not want to read for her again .   (  Same person as  janisssa psychic on keen)

Rocky2499  – 60% chance of bash

Royjo     Bashes  everyone – lives to bash,  needs to bash ,  wakes up in the morning, yawns , stretches than  ponders whose  business  would be fun to destroy – all  before  breakfast.   9/10 on google first page  are 1’s!

Rszuba –   calls a lot,  rarely leaves more than 3 stars  Lots of 1’s.

Sagacious Blood Rose – buy a lottery ticket if this one gives you 5 stars.  Expect a 1- 3 or a 4  if she feels the reading was bang on accurate . and if you give her good news.

sameer8927 65% this rude one will bash you

SamIam05  – unpredictable

SammyWhammy  -Sammy leaves whammy’s’

Sande – not a basher  – However consistently rates 4 and below even when she feels reading is wonderful.

sandros  – If you enjoy being asked deep multifaceted questions, and having only 2-3 minutes to respond, then he’s your guy!  And if after being cut off  while mid sentence  during your  2 minute reading, you enjoy getting feedback that says you did not get to the point, well then, again he’s your guy. He’s the bf I have always wanted. Who couldn’t love a man that treats you like a slot machine?

sdbaybee – controlling.  70% chance of all her calls you will get bashed .  20% of the rest will be 3 or less

Serenity2-2010  –  risky

sftpt68 – 95% chance of getting bashed.

Shabz96 – Will not leave fb, then suddenly multibash you with as many as 20 ‘s   RUN

shananypants  70% chance you will get bashed

Shebaqoj    big-Basher

Sight24    75% of calls are 1’s.

Simply cymbidium  – see cymbidium –  70%  basher .also  Taskas  -Unstable Adviser on Keen

Skepticprovedwrong11  – risky

softcell – Yikes!

solemnvow04 — leaves mostly 3s , 4’s  –

sorroyo  – Over 30% bashed

Soso12  – risky

Soulconnections  – if your reading is “not in line with other readers” , you will get bashed . Truly obnoxious


Speakingonestruth   leaves lots of 5s  but also a  lot of 1- 3s . Expects precise  timing accuracy although  she claims to understand the higher laws  .  Will leave 1 star and warmly thank you for your efforts.

special104 – 20-25% chance of getting 2 or less.

Spiritfree45  –  85% calls 3 and below –  Left 3stars for a reading she described as 80% correct. 

Spirit healing – See Cymbidium

star2982  – 35% of a bash

Steph0152  – Adviser on Keen 80% chance of getting bashed.

stick523  – 65% of getting bashed

sugarcane50  – 10-15% Chance of 3 or less.  Not a huge risk, but still risky

sugarhigh  – calls alot 95% Chance of getting bashed.  Obviously just calling Keen to bash

SumIntuit   – Calls alot,  bashes a lot.   She considers herself  a healer, and feels she has been chosen to judge others, much like Realist411, and Krjeffcoat .and like them,   wants to hear what she believes to be true.   Very mean spirited unless she “approves”  of your reading.

Sunglower  – New on the scene Sept 2014.   Dislikes every reading and asks you to refund or will bash.

Sunshine1971 , calls alot –   expect a 3 and below. higher if your reading was virtually flawless to her ,with perfect timing , and contains good news.

Sunshine2011  40% chance of a bash

Suthyrngrl-  By her own admission , she plays “stump the psychic”  55% chance of getting a 2 or less

sweetcamaro  – 25% bash particularly if you don’t agree with  her other readings . 

SweetsDee – 90% bashed.  She is looking for a mind reader, not an adviser.     Really, she is a bully, looking for sitting ducks to bash.   She  already “knows”  what is true. She just wants you to  read her mind and tell her exactly what she is thinking  or she will bash you.  

Sweetie81  -same as sweetie31  Sweetie is not so sweet. 45% chance of a bash.  And will bash you for certain if you tell her something different from what “the other 20 advisers have told me”  Will change names if you block her .

sweetrose77 – appears as new to 2013 – but is an old, seriously abusive caller who bashes , terrorizes you with emails and changes her name almost immediately.  also kookkidd20

sweetwolf –  thinks it’s funny to leave poor rating with remarks such as “howl”

tami65  – If you enjoy being called “pathetic”  take this callt       

Taskas Perlas – SEE cymbidium .  Also goes by names Just cymbidium , simply cymbidium  – Mentally Unstable.   Adviser on Keen – 80% bashes

Terri Spiritdancer – Adviser on Keen.  95% of her calls bashed.  “Any time now” , a concept that most people understand , is not a time frame for her, and worthy of a bash.  She claims to be 99% accurate in her own readings – this alone should be an indication of what type of person she is.

thereasonyimme  – Not sure what this one is looking for.  High risk.   Feedback does not match ratings left.

The Mystical Goddess  – adviser on keen or sad faces –  her bashes look like this  “ewwww this was horrific  ” “so bad’   ewww to her and her sad faces

Tinkerbelle89  – 50% calls 1’s

TiredofAllegedPsychicLying  –  the name says everything.  3 stars most readings

tlh77  1-3  average rating. Demanding

TMATL  – calls A LOT.   many 1’s and 70 % of her ratings are 4 stars even when she says “tWOW!”.

tobecontinued  Expect a 3 or  less because in her own words, her phone is broken, or her boss entered the room.

Topper11  – Is not a basher per say , but when he does, he says things like “BS” and ” Weirdoo”  

tora2222  –  7/18 = 1’s    The rest mostly 4’s

trae49 – 60% chance of 1

Translucent – 90% of her close to 50 readings are “BS” or “Fake”

Tropical Flower  – 85%  chance of a 1  – is a 1 minute caller

true42  – 50% chance of a 1

True Answers 24-7  –  Adviser on Keen who doesn’t seem to like other advisers. Watch out!

truptipatel –  leaves 5s, but is risky 3

truthinlife  -60% chance of a 1.   This person is dark . Avoid

twinnflames11   out of 6 readings, 4 are 1  stars

twinflame2love  – She requests 5 minutes ( no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, she asks for 5) to try a reading with you, then bashes.  All her calls on google show a 1.

uradoll – gives 5s   as well as lots of ones,  when she does bash she is cruel .

Urdabest – All 13  calls 2′ and 3’s , the one 4 is the reading she said “wow”

v220 –  calls  a lot,   divides ratings between 1’s and 5’s.  40% of calls 1   –

vaia  – leaves 4 stars and less.

venmat35   –  12 calls, 12 ‘s.  Batting 100% bashing rate

venus1724   does leave 5s,  and tons of 1’s  calls a lot  guaranteed 5 stars if you say bf returning,  4 or less  if you say he has moved on…

Veryhappy83 – not a basher, but very happy to leave 2’s and 3’3

Vicky23  – 80% basher.  She is completely crazy, and I mean C-R-A-Z-Y!  You will be 100% bashed if you even suggest to her that her “man” and her will not work out.  She will flat out in her feedback call you a LIAR because she knows he is returning. I get it, she hurting and we should have compassion for her.  Well, maybe so, but I don’t enable abusive behavior..

Violexxx  aka violex  – Not a serial basher per say, but she sure does like leaving 3’s

Virgo1987  – Does  give 5’s.  but wants only feel good readings, will bash if timing is not razor exact ..even if by a day.

Virka  – says “very awesome reading! thanks so much!!”  Then leaves 3 stars.

Visionary Guide Monet  – 60% chance this adviser on Keen will bash you

vj252002 – 60% chance of 1 star

vtdiva0144   says ” horrible”,” worst reading ever”, “different than other readers”  35% 1 Stars, calls a lot

walkergirl85 –  Sounds an awful like realist411

wantingananswer – adviser on Keen

watch your Karma –  100% basher, demanding , self centered, completely off the deep end  coo coo.

wcannon  – bad news. Avoid

wellwisher2005   – Super basher. 100%.  Starts almost all the feedback with “I rarely leave feedback”.   Truly enjoys bashing the new psychics on Keen — destroying their businesses even before theyve had a chance to read for someone who is actually open to a reading.  He is an absolute nightmare to read for. He does not listen. He is rude , interrupting constantly and he controls the reading so that he can hear what he wants to hear.   He is not interested what so ever in what the advisers sees.. he is only interested in what angle is  the best for him  to take hold  of so that he can squeeze the information out of the adviser in such a way that he is hearing what he “knows” to be true.

whoknows 123  – Also named me45689  Do not take this abusive man’s call unless you are willing to tell him that the woman that he wants will be eating out of his hand while flapping her arms like a trained seal.  He will not hear anything else and your feedback will reflect it.. He is an old costumer who continually changes  his name after he has bashed a few. 

windsong65  – somewhat  risky

wintercreme  – She says she has been calling Keen for 20 years and every reading has been wrong.  And yet, she keeps calling. 100% bash rate.  changes her name frequently.

WisdomTruth – Keen adviser. Same as Lady Mercedes  80%  of over 95 calls are 1’s  , multibashes.  As an adviser will complain to Keen when she gets multibashes, then write the “basher”  and tell them how unloveable they are, and that she can’t blame their partners for cheating on them. See Lady Mercedes

wk888  – New name as of 2012 – Class A  basher.  The same person as   COM1088 and other names (see dc1088 and brodie1088 )

woundering1 – Leaves  2 or 3 stars , rarely more than a 4,  with “great..will call again”

xcvi.   Careful!  This one will call u and not leave feedback.  She will complain about your reading, claiming you are telling her what she wants to hear, and continually ask for minutes so that she can get a “truthful” reading.  She spends virtually no money at all, yet she makes it clear that she will bash you unless you send her minutes.  She will continue to demand minutes even if you tell her that you cannot connect with her.

xoxo2488  -60% of calls are bashed. and boy is she ever cruel!

yaeyae   – out of 3 calls showing in google, one is 3stars , 2 are 1 star  . Yikes!

zooey1227  -65% chance of getting bashed

zooz – a little risky

Zzee   -75% bashes.  Is nasty and plays test the psychic in less than 3 minutes calls.   If you can’t tell what color  underwear she  wore three weeks ago on a Monday and the following Friday, she will bash you.


Comments on: "Keen Bashers – My list of big time bashers" (185)

  1. Zachary Thomas said:


    I have been incorporating Reiki and chakra work in my couseling for over 12 years and am considering creating aprofile on Keen.

    Naturally, I’mconcerned about the Keen community and I’ve been researching via a several different sources. During my research and readings, I came across this list of yours.

    Because this set off a red flag, I also “googled” some of the “keen member” names you’ve put on your list and found various results. What stands out, though, is that you have cherry-picked ratings that obviously upset and angered you and that your assessments neither have whole/accurate reporting nor are they objective.

    I’ve spoken with personnel at AT&T about this who agree that this is unprofessional and counter to the whole purpose for feedback on the Keen site. You may dislike some of the feedback you receive but the vindictive attempt to “hit back” at what you perceive to be an affront is inappropriate — acording to those whom I asked, anyway.
    I’ve been reassured that most advisors are not as petty and vibndictive as this list conveys, but I’ll still be looking for a different online venue to offer my services.

    I wish you blessings and healing. This “blog” is certainly a cry for help.

    • Hello Zachary
      Your angry comments about this blog in combination with your need to contact ATT about it, suggest that you are on this list and feel you have been judged unfairly. Hopefully, this experience will wake you up and show you what the shoe feels like when it’s on the other foot.

    • Anonymous said:

      Well Said Zachary, i’m sorry BBG you make it hard for me to stand with you on this, you DO come off and bitter and angry by hitting back callers by creating this blog. I personally had ONE caller that was the complete opposite of what you said she was here today i think you’re findings are innaccurate

  2. Zachary said:

    To the “bash Back Goddess”

    I saw the email notification that there was a “reply”. Your reaction isn’t suprising, just disappointing — I’d hoped you would choose to come from a positive space.

    Please re-read my comment: I do not call Keen. I am considering starting a profile on Keen to offer services… or, rather _was_ considering it.
    While there are clearly some truly fine Light Workers who have hung out their shingle on Keen, there are others who are stuck in negativity.
    I sincerely hope for your own well being that your venomous, vindictive “blog” and silly vanity (Goddess, eh?) are not indicative of your true wy of relating. Pity the poor caller if that is who your really are.

    You deserve pity and compassion. Just remember you are a child of God and there is no need to cling to your anger and need for vengeance. Blessings to you. Peace to you.

    • To “Zachary”
      I had read your comment carefully, and perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. Your claim is that you are not a Keen costumer, but managed to come across this blog because you were researching whether you should set up a profile there, is clearly untrue. No doubt you are a basher yourself – maybe the brave type that bashes than blocks? Your overwhelming negative reaction to this blog, plus how you felt compelled to contact ATT to get some resolve on it , has -” methinks the lady doth protest too much.” written all over it. Rather than take your anger out on me, and the other advisers on Keen, you may want to take some time out and meditate to figure out why your anger is displaced on those that can’t defend themselves.


    • Anonymous said:

      I agree with you we are ALL suppose to be children of God and good or bed feedback we need to learn to accept and improve from it not create this kind of thing this is so disheartening to see I agree with somee of what you said zachary

  3. Zachary Thomas said:

    You poor dear soul. Someone must have hurt you very bady for you to be so filled with rage and paranoia.

    I will add you to my healing group’s the prayer list. With Light, anything is possible and you _can heal, dear one.

    Zachary T.

  4. mary alonzo furlong said:

    well that exchange between zacahary and bash back goddess was rather entertaining.

    i spend a good deal of $$$ on keen. i am discriminating about my list of favorites. after two months i have only left two 1 star ratings. the rest 5’s maybe one 4

    the thing is BBG, what if the readng really is bad, or the reader really bogus? don’t prospective customers have the right to hear the opinon of other customers?

    as to wanting free minutes. i think they are great but spend lots of my own funds as well. just seems that some callers are over the top but the expectation that every call should be rated a 5 is clearly unrealistic.
    strike a balance, gain some harmony. take it in stride. sadly when ever we are forced by economy to use our gifts to suppot us financially we can lose our peace.

    • Hi Mary
      i agree with you completely Some readings are really bad as well as some readers are bogus. This list, does not speak to those that leave an occasional 1 star. In fact, i have gotten bashed by callers, that I have not added to this list, because I believed they were truly unsatisfied. On the other hand , I have given more than my share of readings that have lasted over than 20 minutes, been praised by the caller, only to be left 1 star with a remark like “refund”. Later when I would look up some of these callers feedback , I would see that they have left a lot of 1’s for others,particularly near the end of the month – perhaps to cash in on Keens refund policy.
      Most that are on this list tend to bash consistently, and are often cruel about it. I certainly do not feel that all calls should be rated 5 stars, but there is a problem when a caller bashes a large percentage of their calls. And yes again, I agree, there is nothing wrong with wanting free minutes, its just that a few callers work their way around Keen on them, fire questions at rapid speed at the reader in a 2 minute time period , then hang up.

  5. realist411 You agree with her are you just as sick as she is? She is no God But evil in every fashion or form Please this is what you said> about Her realist411 There is something wrong with this woman. Super intelligent, but madder than a hatter. Filled with self loathing and takes it out on those that can’t fight back. Views herself as “the one” that has been appointed by God to get the message out to others about what the advisers strengths and weakness’s are. Even the readers that she’ll leave 5 stars for, will block her , AND there are many advisers , that she testifies about in her feedback, that hang up on her mid call! She is THAT creepy. A self proclaimed gifted psychic/healer herself , she insists that she only uses Keen when she has burning questions… which appears to be 365 days a year. I believe, just as she does , that she is not only psychic but the “chosen one”, because she is able to see deep into the advisers minds and “know” their most deepest ugliest motives for saying what they do, and is able to either coldly smite them for disappointing her or reward them for pleasing her , in a way that only a God can do. 5 .

    • i am in full agreement, we readers have a right to defend ourselves, this is a great list, too bad we cannot refuse to take these type of callers before the call begins, it is getting so bad we are afraid to ask them for their names, what do they want from us? To address them as “hey you!” ? For many of we readers, this is our only livelihood, some of the callers are just plain mean spirited.

      • You can send a complaint to KEEN SUPPORT – Membership Agreement –
        If there is a violation – re: abusive policy

        they will say you can hang up – put in your ad

        entertainment only

  6. Further More? This women Is Evil > realist411 Her job is to Bash anyone not up to her standards or she calls Bluff when the truth about her gets revealed She may claim to Be GOD but she is Evil in the flesh Oh please There is a Karma what goes around comes around she will get hers in one form or another I call on keen i have 2 mediums that would make her head spin in a wind whorl One of these days she will meet her maker and wished she was never Born at all come Judgement day Just Google her name realist411 from Keen see all the realist411 Bad ratings she Gave readers on keen over the years realist411 Karma is Right Behind you God Help you ..Oh wait?!!! You are God right? NOTTTT!!!!

  7. There are more advisors with alternate member names with friends who’s motive is based on competitive jealousy to drive people away from the good Advisors. I’ve noticed as soon as callers feedback start to profess a heartfelt thanks for a spiritual loving connection with an eye on the callers future, many times another psychic will see it and if that person called and didn’t leave the same feedback for them they will usually call the very next day and attack the advisors’s feedback, their most sensitive place.

    • I believe this is true. I was finally getting feedback for the first time, awesome feedback that made me happy I was helping people, then one day several quick rude calls at once. Known bashers, realist411 and riomex12, totally brought my ratings down with lies and insane feedback.

      Thanks Bash Back Goddess for this list. I’m hoping Keen removes their feedback soon. I love helping people that need my help and these 2 bashers are obstructing any people that may need my help by leaving such insincere feedback based on lies and selfishness.

  8. Dear Zachary…well good luck to you dear heart..You cannot make comments if you havent been in the trenches kiddo..And Keen will never remove a feedback and
    they are generally left by REALLY ANGRY clients who are mad because their
    partner hasnt given them what they want.
    I have been on keen since they started. And I have to say that there is NOTHING
    out of line with this advisors blog. Wait til you get a rating for no reason,wait til
    you get a rating for one minute call and Keen wont remove it,and you have not given a session to that client. Wait til you are gifted with nasty ratings from our gang..your business will suffer and Keen and ATT will not help you.
    Good luck to you,you are gonna need it.

  9. Mother Mary said:

    I am still laughing!! I leave a very sweet & honest feedback about all of you gypsies. And you erased it!!! Too much truth!!! Laughter ! What a bunch of carnival actors you are!

    BOO!!! did I scare you??

    • You mean the sweet comment you left under the blog Profile of a Keen Basher – the one where you say “Boo!” and call “readers” “liars”? Because you sure did not leave one here. You are welcome to repost it here.

  10. Thank you so much for this page! Something about a screen name that came through on my call monitor today rang a bell so I googled it real fast before I accepted and this page came up! It was realist411 and thank GOD I avoided that call! Thank you so much!!

  11. Ann Smith said:

    Curious, why do all you chosen one’s put up another person’s photo in place of yourself? I would also like to know why it is not acceptable to you, for the consumer to leave an account of feedback, if you weren’t that good, well you weren’t that good. Many times I left a feeback that was not worthy of a five star. Nothing they/you said ever came true. I find it perplexing that you would then right it off as “free will” to validate your inability to read an indiviual. Just being honest!!!!

  12. Ann Smith said:

    I would like to know why some of you after a reading literlly beg the caller to leave you feedback. I would think, if the caller liked you, they would leave you feedback on their own and not have to be prompted or hounded. I have called one reader and before the call is disconnected she already has sent me an e-mail, begging for feedback,…just not very professional and not allowing time to verify if their so call prediction even comes to pass. I also would like to know why you guys blog so much or send out silly e-mails, like there is a storm, well, most phones are ummm wireless. And, I really could careless if you were on vacation or not, or at a family reunion. Personally, I turn around and block those advisors.

    I thought, the feedback left by Mother mary was HILARIOUS!!! Boy, she told you all like it is.

    Pleasant day to all of you customer’s bashers!!!! Karma right back at you!!!

  13. The Spiritual Man said:

    I want to thank the person who started this blog. I can tell from your writing that you have a sense of humor and you are intelligent. I have been on Keen a long, long time. I have my own Basher’s list that I keep just to myself. I have refused calls from all the “baddies” you have listed here because a simple google search always reveals the truth about a caller’s intent. Yes, there have been times I have been called and people left appropriate negative feedback. I cannot and do not connect to everyone or do I advertise that. I do, however, connect to a great deal of callers.

    However, over the years, most of the negative feedback I have gotten has been from other advisors under their pseudo name account (non advisor account). How do I know – because those calls are usually just one to two minute calls and the feedback is completely bogus. Keen will not remove it. They are done completely to hurt someone else’s business. I don’t have compassion for these wayward souls – they are dark energies.

    At what point will the advisors bond together and sue AT&T/Keen, not for the bad feedback itself, but for allowing other advisors to commit torts against others: tortuous interference with business and doing the harm based on competition. There are many lowlifes on Keen pretending to be advisors.

  14. I am a reader on keen as well and I would like to thank you for exposing these vindictive, hurtful people and their hateful ways and defending those of us who try to offer our services and in return receive abuse from callers and the keen administration. I have been bashed on at least three occasions and was literally in tears after reading these feedbacks.

    Love and light to you, BBG!

  15. I just want to THANK YOU for the time you put into this,,,,, many thanks and God bless you

  16. So… Mary/Ann, Vicky… Any bets as to which of these is Realist?

    • girlgirt,
      Not sure about Vicky, she completely hates Realist, but yes I would agree could be Mary or Anne or even Zach .I vote for Zack since he/she was the biggest bully. I feel he/she expected her attack would leave me speechless , filled with shame for creating this blog, the more I pushed back, the angrier she got, whereas Ann/ Mary is looking for a fight. Rumor has it that Realist is actually an adviser on Keen, so who knows? She may have seen this blog while rejecting her own call!
      And thanks back to Bluebell, Trish, Sunnyfields, Truthspeaker, Martha Olusha, Spiritual Man and Vera for their thanks 🙂

  17. I had a hard time keeping what Vicki was saying straight, and I thought “Well, Realist loves a good rant.” ;c) Thank you for keeping this list for us. It’s far more fair to “difficult” clients than other incarnations I have seen, and it’s helped me a great deal to keep flagrant one-stars in perspective.

    • girlgirt, your welcome. I am not doing this alone though, advisers have been sending me names to research.
      Yes, Vicki was a little hard to understand, I had to read it a few times to get what she was saying. Lots of ranting here. Seems the bashers take offense to our defending ourselves. The common theme seems to be that since we are getting paid, we are obligated to take their abuse. Fortunately for us, we are freelancing, and under no such obligation.

  18. The Spiritual Man said:

    One additional comment I would like to leave is for other advisors visiting here: google does not, for some reason, post all negative feedback. I know that BBG did not agree with all of my submissions i.e.oceanwave/pinkorchid/Great view but all the disrespectful negative feedback left by that person, which I have seen in the past, is missing. She left feedback on people’s sites call them “dumb” “stupid” and “unintelligent” in additional to very long and critical negativity. This is unnecessary and mean and does not really count as constructive criticism.

    Let me submit this: I saw negative feedback today calling another advisor a “liar” on her site – very disrespectful. It is a long and angry feedback. It was left on 8/29/11 – enough time to post on google (I have seen feedback post on google in as little as an hour after it was posted on Keen) This is from a member name “TruthSlayer.” When I googled “TruthSlayer” that feedback does not pop up at all! Just a warning to all you who use the google approach.

    • Hi Spiritual Man
      I get a lot of submissions. A lot. I agree with you , some do not show up on Google. Even on the list, some are already obsolete or many have changed their tunes.
      The problem is this : Unless I can see it for myself, I can’t add. In fact some of the names sent to me, show just the opposite – a polite reviewer who seems fair in their feedback.
      If I add all names sent to me, I lose my credibility. The good news is that if any of those names you posted about are googled, they will soon show up and point to your post.

  19. Where do we submit? I thought about someone on the list a little too hard and she called me from an alternate screen name tonight.

  20. The Spiritual Man said:

    Pearl of Orient Sea change her name to Miracle Sky.

  21. Pearl of Orient Sea is…Pink Orchids…Great View…Magics Pearls…and she has two more accounts she is a keen advisor a huge basher and a very argumentative. She actually will tell you she loved her reading and then send you an email asking for a follow up. After she gets what she wants she leaves the 1 star. As a matter of fact her other account is a member name. Keen has allowed her to create at least 5 accounts. She changed her name from Lady Taska to Pearl of Orient Sea and now Miracle Sky. She deletes her listings and changes the name to make it seem like she’s a new advisor.

  22. The Spiritual Man said:

    Yesterday I goggled the name “oceanwave” and saw a lot of one stars. It’s all one word and no caps. That might help you. But I have personally taken calls from her and I can tell you she is maniacal. I didn’t realize that she was the same as Sacred Angel/Pearl of Orient Sea and now she is Miracle Sky.

  23. You know what’s odd this realist411 called her and left her 5 stars I wouldn’t be surprised if she is realist411 or is that is a friend of hers. It makes sense since they are both bashers. I know for a fact she is linked with another advisor friend of hers they do this bashing together sonia something I can’t think of the full name. The sad part is a lot of our bashing is done by other advisors with alternate accounts.

  24. I’m a reader on keen. My friend “C” who is also a reader on keen was called by Lady Taska (about a year ago) and of course, LT left bad feedback. But what was interesting was that LT followed it up with a very hateful email telling her that she and her friends would make sure that my friend “C” would never read again. She was very threatening in the email. “C” just laughed it off and sent it to fair play but, nothing was done about it.
    I didn’t know what had happened to LT so I’m glad that you’ve posted some of the new names she’s using. Thankfully, I’ve not been hit by her but I’m not on much so that’s probably why.

    Thanks for all the info!

  25. Hi I was speaking about the advisor mentioned by spiritual man and the accounts this advisor goes by. I was also saying that a lot of the bashing is bay other advisors or friends of theirs. What part of what I said has you lost and I can clarify,

  26. The Spiritual Man said:

    Linda: I hope your friend kept the email. This is what I was speaking of when I brought up the lawsuit. From now on, all advisors should keep all hateful emails such as this and also keep copious notes when she and her other personalities call. We can easily get a subpoena and find out this woman’s name and home address and the information on her “friends.” This is not only harassment, but it is also several other causes of action. The fact that Keen does nothing makes them complicit and also the deep pockets for the actions. Because she knows Keen is not stopping her, she continues with a vengence. She is a very maniacal person.

    I know some advisors are afraid of a class action; however, many companies settle them out. AT&T is not going out of business.

  27. Can folk work their way off of the Basher List through good behavior? One notorious bitchface disappeared for a few months and has now resurfaced with at least 40% new and improved attitude. She told me she finally went to therapy for a bunch of stuff –including her reading addiction, and based on her peppy (she’s never been peppy) energy, I almost believe her. Now, she might have just been manic. But.. might allowances be made at some point for “recovered” bashers?

    • For sure girlgirt , for sure! I have already removed quite a few. Even on this list, I have indicated in comments and ratings that they are a 1 or 2 ..because there is a change in their behavior.

  28. Hope you don’t mind; I started my own blog about Keen Bashers using a substantial amount of your list but also adding to it. I would have just kept with yours, but I didn’t want to read all those nasty comments from bashers. So I would love if other advisors would help me with my list, too. Thanks.

  29. Thank you for posting this. If I had been doing readings professionally for a year or less, or had only done them in person, or if I was simply a client, I might not ‘get’ the purpose of this list either. But I have been reading professionally for nearly 20 years now, and much of that time has been on the phone, and half that time on keen. It’s just the nature of this business that attracts a lot of neurotic, miserable people looking for magic band-aid answers. And yes there are a lot of vindictive, serial bashers out there that are given way too much power over our business with the untruths they are permitted to spill on our public pages. I back you up 110% …..And never mind the naysayers… they simply do not have the experience to understand where you are coming from. 🙂

    • Thank you Emme. I liked the way you phrased it “And yes there are a lot of vindictive, serial bashers out there that are given way too much power over our business with the untruths they are permitted to spill on our public pages.”

  30. This blog is TRUE! I work on keen as well as others and have been going strong for years and years. It is rather difficult to NOT sit by the damn computer all day/night for when a call comes in and NOT screen/search it bc other advisors on keen are competitive and jealous of other advisors who are doing well.

    Im unsure what they really gain out of it since they are spending there own money calling advisors and not taking calls. lol, its actually hilarious to know somebody who dont you give a F**K that much to actually spend their own money and bash an advisor.

    I am not saying that all 1 stars are from these people.
    I do believe that a professional advisor can tell the difference very quickly within the first sec to few mins if the person thats calling them is an jealous advisor, basher, non believer, or calling to get ideas.

    I know that the majority after hearing the caller for a min i usually can tell.
    However, I have a smart way to block these suckers while still letting them spend thier money to just leave bad feedback lol and it really works and ohh so soothing.

    To the callers who arent bashers and really didnt like nor understand thier reading my heart goes out to you bc there is a alot of advisors who TOTALLY suck and i understand.

    The majority is bashers the rest are honest.
    Us advisors can tell the difference i promise…

    We seriously know who is and who is not…

    The Smart One

    • Wow TSO Would love to know more about this!
      “However, I have a smart way to block these suckers while still letting them spend thier money to just leave bad feedback lol and it really works and ohh so soothing.”

  31. I absolutely love that you have done all of the work to put this list together and to keep it updated–one thing that has been helpful is to find out that, when a caller really leaves me shaky and sad after we’ve spoken–one who has turned cruel and blame-filled even as I am doing my best–if I find them on your list I sort of do a “phew!” At least it makes one feel less alone. Bless you!

  32. ThankGoodness said:

    I 100% APPRECIATE THIS PAGE! There are a few on here that are bashers and I know because they’ve done it to ME! Several of them in fact are SADISTIC LIARS. LAZYKUPO -she just outright LIES for no reason AND MAXWELL7375–She will claim that different people answer your line and talk to defame your character.

    THESE PEOPLE ON HERE PISSED ABOUT THIS LIST. GO EAT ONE! IF you weren’t assholes you wouldn’t be on this list. We don’t do what we do because we want to hurt people. BUT YOU DO. So you deserve to deal with your problems ON YOUR OWN since you can not appreciate what people do for you to help you out. I will MOST CERTAINLY be consulting this list on a regular basis because I AM DONE with you hateful people.

  33. bugster4203
    Has anyone had this woman? FULL OF EGO..she left a horrible three star and said a paragraph,indicating she was a “researcher” ..

  34. The Smart One said:

    Edited by BBG

    “… someone left a comment that i have copied and pasted below..”

    • Hello The Smart One
      As you can see , I did not want to post your comment ( thus the massive edit) as I did want to give it energy. But I did want thank you for sending it, and am glad to hear you found it as amusing as I did!

  35. Thanks for putting this list together I’ve been on keen for awhile and I was just bashed by libramarine . I hate to use this sort of language, but she was a real bitch. I actually ended up hanging up on her once she told me she’s looking for a real psychic. This is the only way we can stay safe in the keen community by exposing the serial bashers.

    Thanks Again,
    Psychic ***

  36. Love this Blog!! I am also a reader and have had one of these bashers try to get through to me for 2 days now!

    For some reason – her calls kept failing 🙂 My guides are awesome! I googled her name and up came your blog! She only leaves 1 star with nasty comments.

    I am going to work on putting this list onto excel for others to use if that’s okay? And they can download the file then ‘search’ the file as calls come in.

    In the middle of a move, so may take a while to putt it together.

    Blessings TBBG

  37. MyNameIs88 Left a string of bad feedbacks, all the same verbiage, in late February. Then, all of a sudden, there’s 1 call to an advisor with 5 Stars and Great Feedback in late March. Seems like this could, in fact, be an advisor bashing others then leaving great feedback about herself. (Link removed)

    • Hey Mark
      I thought the same at first, also because crazy Libramarine also left beautiful feedback to her as well. But when I looked at her record… she seems to be very popular and very good. I can’t get my head around why she would create these 2 accounts for herself. She wouldn’t need to.

      • What I don’t understand is HOW do you know who’s calling to deny them? When I get a call all it says is that a caller is calling your listing in…… So how do you know so you can deny?

      • On your home page you see your phone number and under it it says edit phone number and then right under that in blue letters it says notify me of incoming calls. Once you log into your hme page you’ll want to click notify me of in coming calls, a box will pop up and this is where it will tell you who’s calling.

      • thank you very much I have never used that feature, I just log on and take calls and log off when I am done. I appreciate your response thank you. This would have saved me from 2 readers on keen who love to bash others. I don’t understand why keen allows them to get away with that but I am armed now. ty so much

      • Yvonne and all others,

        I always have my ” notify me of calls on” when going onto Keen. It has saved me many times from serial bashers. When I see it’s a basher I refuse to take the call by clicking my phone on as if I were answering the phone and then immediately hanging up. This stops the call from comming in and since no contact was made Keen will not deduct the 2 points for a non completed call. As soon as I hang up I click refresh and look for the callers name on the right hand side at the bottom of the page where you can see who’s called you last or you can go into transactions to get the name. Once I locate the name of the last caller aka basher I block them. Hope this helps you. I’ve been on Keen for about 7 or 8 years and appericate my callers. Being wrong is being human and I know none of us are perfect nor do we get every reading 100% right but to bash you and rip your insides out is uncalled for. A simple hang up would suffice. When contacting Keen about bashers to be honest they simply DON”T CARE! All you and I are is a money source. They don’t care if these people say they hate you. As long as they don’t threaten you or curse you out they will tell you they’ll look into it or there’s nothing they can do. Keen is a buisness just like you and I are. They don’t care about customer service because they will always have 20 more to replace one of you. All you are is a $$ source for them and they offer you no protection in return. Adding for enterainment purposes helps to protect you from a law suit.

  38. ThinkPink said:

    Hey again,
    I saw Caroline’s post about putting this list into an Excel sheet, and I have a suggestion for the meantime. I just wanted to say that I have put this list onto a Word doc, which I ocassionally come back and update–while I am taking calls I keep the Word Doc open in a small window with the search bar open–the second I see a new name I type it into search. You and your list have saved me SO MANY TIMES already, and each time I feel very grateful! I can’t tell you how it has helped me in feeling safer when working. Thank you very very much for all of your considerable efforts, because it really has made a significant difference for me.

  39. Anonymous said:

    libramarine contacted me last night on Keen. She kept interrupting and not allowing the flow… she nitpicked things in the middle of my flow….tried to argue everything I said. I suggested I refund her and end the call. Before I could hang up she spewed names at me while screaming that she’s going to leave me awful feedback! I informed Play Fair about her abusiveness and all they said were that they were sorry and there was nothing they could do.

  40. Anonymous said:

    I am an advisor and KEEN, perhaps it’s me but I dont think TRUE and REAL advisors should BASH anyone I know that wont make me popular here but, even those of us who are Christian, know that even Jesus Christ was bashed. Negative critizism, should only empower and motivate us. There are “some people” who are rude, but remember these people most of the time are looking for answers and it is UNETHICAL OF US AS PROFESSIONALS to create a page to bash them? How would you feel if you went to the Dr. and he told everyone what kind of patient you were! at the risk of being bashed here i say, whoever is responsible for creating this page SHAME ON YOU! People spend their money to speak to US and they have every right to complain about our services, we can always change our names, create new listings but how are WE any better then them for doing exactly what we say they are doing to us? I think this is wrong, they are the consumers, we are providing a service to tarnish it with a page like this in my opinion makes us look shady!

    • I don’t agree with you at all. I as an advisor on Keen don’t appericate being called names any more then you do. It’s insulting and rude. if you don’t like your call just hang up. No need to be rude or insult you. As for your god and jesus statement keep your religion to your self, not everyone here me included are christian nor do I want to be. Shame on YOU for coming here to again tell us how awful we are but were not the ones calling people like YOU.
      If you don’t agree don’t come here, how about that! I have as might right to refuse a call as they do to bash you only to ask for there money back. Many bashers use the system to get a free reading then bash you only to get there money back. SHAME ON THEM! As for your name why not post your real name instead of hiding behind the one your using now? I’m really not in the mood for people like you today. Since you don’t mind being bashed I’m assuming you have a perfect record on keen and by the way how long have you been an advisor on keen?

      • Hi Witch33
        ” As for your name why not post your real name instead of hiding behind the one your using now?”
        I took her name out and replaced with Anonymous as I felt she was using this forum for self promotion. Also, I have replaced some of the advisors names the same way. I am trying to protect them from vindictive bashing. I have literally over a hundred more comments that I have not accepted because of the names on the post. I have just decided, today, to change the names.

      • Thank you, I didn’t realize you were taking out our names. I appericate that. I still don’t appericate her comments. I believe your giving us the advisors a voice and we need one for support for each other and at times vent.

  41. Anonymous said:

    I also want to say that one of the people on this list marked as known for giving 2’s gave me a 4 star and very kind feedback today, and I think I only got 4 stars because the line didnt work properly. I think at times it’s how a reader responds to a caller that makes a difference to the feedback.

  42. Add sweet camaro to this list. She’s one of those who gives you a minute or two and then rakes you over the coals.

    • I just had the same experience with “sweetcamero” she is a reader on keen and just trying to hurt the competition. I took a 2 minute chat from her, got that she already knew, was testing, ended the conversation quickly and politely to save her time and get away from her icky energy, and sent her 2 free minutes right away (while she was leaving feedback in an attempt to ruin my business) ha!

      I know who I am and what I do, and so do my countless real callers so these bashers just look like miserable asses when they do this. It hurts me none! She gave me a little $ (I think I’ll buy a nice white candle with it 😉 and the karma she has for doing this to people trying to help people will get her worse than I would ever lower myself to giving her…so there! Just wanted to confirm that oh yeah, this is an evil reader with a second account just digging her own grave.

      I pity the fool!

  43. realist411: I searched that name in my customer database and found her there, and blocked already. She had 3 starred me some time back, in an awful “libramarine” kind of way but not as bad.

  44. You got that right about mary albanese. I had blocked her over a year ago…although she’d left no feedback–just didn’t like her energy… negativity city.

  45. I’m an advisor on Keen and your site just saved me from taking a call from ademars200. I am greatful for such lists out here to help protect us from bashers that expect a full reading in 1-2 minutes, then bash you to get their money back. Many including keen advisors do this and I find it shameful. I recently took a call from BRIARWOOD. She is a new advisor on Keen but has had no calls. She bashed me for giving her what I recieved all though it wasn’t what she wanted to hear and al though I was honest she didn’t appericate that either. Her post said: she is a lOvlely lovely person, howeverI CALLED BECAUSE I RECENTLY LOST MY DAD , AND WHEN I GAVE HER HIS NAME AND ASKED WHAT MESSAGE IF ANY SHE COULD RECEIVE, SHE KEPT MENTIONING A RING AND MY DAD NEVER WORE JEWELRY, AND THAT HE WAS DEVISTATED, THEY HAD TO LEAVE THE EARTH SUDDENLY.I WAS SHAKING AND ASKED HER WHO IS THIS PERSON TO ME , SHE HAD NO IDEA! WE W0RK HARD FOR OUR MONEY AND TO HAVE THIS VISUAL OF MY DAD SUFFERING , KILLED ME INSIDE ,, SAVE YOUR MONEY..AND DO NOT CALL!

    I don’t mind being wrong and who here is perfect but I didn’t expect to get my insides ripped out. I googled her name and found she has bashed others so then I didn’t feel so bad.
    Thank you again for your list. I’d watch out for BRIARWOOD however . .

  46. I wanted to add another name to the list. This woman has emailed me 18 times, I have emailed her back 13x’s with FREE readings. She keeps promising to call yet never does and keeps asking for free minutes. She goes by several names on Keen. One is Pretty Angel54 and the other is cookie3444. Since she never called me she wasn’t able to leave feed back and since she uses several names this indicates she’s done this before to other advisors. I finally sent her my last email informing her she is being blocked due to no paid calls and asking for free time. I have also contacted Fair Play and given them this information.

  47. if an advisor continously get things wrong i will give a negative to warn others. we work so hard for our money that it is unfair to be put on a basher list because we complained. i am not in the habiting of throwing away money i would rather give it to the homeless and other charities. if you are fake why would i want to give you my money and you expect not to get a negative. please stop this nonsense. people can smell fraud and when they do they will alert the world

    • Just as you feel you are entitled to alert the world to advisers you view as “fakes”, the advisers are entitled to be alerted those that view us in that horrible way, don’t you think? Do you not feel we have the same right to choose our costumers in the same way you can choose your advisers? Do you not feel that in the same way you call us “fakes” we can call you “bashers”? Where is the world did you get the impression that when you assault us we should just sit pretty and take it?

    • Hi, � Just as callers have the right to bash us we the advisors are always at the mercy of there choice to bash or not to bash. I also feel we the advisors have the same right to either except a bashers call or deny it. I personally deny them not because I’m a fake but because I’m doing the best I can and I am very honest with my callers. Spiritual man said it best, we can not always connect to each caller. We are human’s after all not some immortal spirit that can always have instant information pop out of our mouths on a dime. � Yes�it hurts when were bashed because were sensatives, empaths, clairvoyants, ect. Yes it also feels really good when the things we speak of are validated or 5 stared. If some one is calling you a fraud then I question why are they calling ” psychics” to begin with? � If simple is an advisor are they also 100% correct 100% of the time? I can say in all honesty I am not and I’m ok with that. I also tell the caller and I end the call. � I’m so glad you have this bashers list and appericate it as I do use it as a positive tool to weed out all the negativity these bashers throw at good advisors. �

      � �

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you had a reading that wasn’t accurate it was proof that the advisor is a fraud? That would be so simple. So easy. You could clear your conscience of ruining someones business by exposing them by leaving feedback that says “FRAUD”. But, unfortunately for you, that is not true. They simply did not work for you. EVERYONE who calls a psychic KNOWS that there may not be a connection between the 2 of you even if they worked for others. EVERYONE really knows that no psychic is more than 80% correct. So, if someone has respectable feedback, why would you need to warn others that they are a FRAUD?

      • Here’s my qustion for simple. When working at any job you’ve had have you always done your job 100% correct with out one single complaint? I seriously doubt it. We advisors are not some higher deity that is always 100% either. Many of us have abilities that strive daily to help those that call but some of this burden must also be placed on the caller as well. Many calls are not in a good place in there lives hence the calls to begin with. Some callers are perfectionists or have mental health problems and are looking for that fairey tale reading. Once we don’t deliver the fluffy stuff reading were bashed in many instances. What do you people want from us, expect from us? Are you your self perfect? Have you never given advise that wasn’t correct? Perhaps you need to re examine your own life before putting us advisors under your microscope of perfection. Why do you feel the right to call any one a fraud? I find typically when one calls another degragating names it’s a reflection of ones our self. Your are released of this burden to warn others of advisors that didn’t get it right for you. If your not happy don’t call any more.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you had a reading that wasn’t accurate it was proof that the advisor is a fraud? That would be so simple. So easy. You could clear your conscience of ruining someones business by exposing them by leaving feedback that says “FRAUD”. But, unfortunately for you, that is not true. They simply did not work for you. EVERYONE who calls a psychic KNOWS that there may not be a connection between the 2 of you even if they worked for others. EVERYONE really knows that no psychic is more than 80% correct. So, if someone has respectable feedback, why would you need to warn others that they are a FRAUD? Just as you feel you are entitled to alert the world to advisers you view as fakes, the advisers are entitled to be alerted to those that view us that way, don’t you think? Do you not feel we have the right to choose our costumers in the same way you can choose your advisers?

  48. mysticbreeze said:

    Can I ask please, if the person had never called my line before how can I block them before they do. I am so sick of these people. I got a call from realist411 today and it was horrid. What a nasty ugly person. Every answer I gave her she would scream no no if you had any talent you would know this.

    • Turn them into KEEN – keen support regarding Membership Agreement Violation – I have found them to be very helpful and considerate – I have no idea if this will help but at least they will be able to track these violators – as once you complain they are on Notice of the complaint and enough of these would warrent action to be taken – You can always hang up – make a note of all documentation and send it to KEEN – good luck

  49. shygirl8954 needs to be added to the list. No reasons, just “refund please” after a thorough reading where she was giving positive verbal responses all during the call. Makes no sense. Just gets her kicks this way I suppose.

  50. Anonymous said:


    BASHER – previous basher called said name was Mary Jane whats TIM thinking
    was extemely vague stalled was unresponsive to me asking the simple “whats your question be specific” and left a TWO STAR BASH

    DIdnt have chance to look her up but I see by googling KEEN.COM grnmeadow
    shes a known basher

  51. Anonymous said:

    I don’t know if you are still adding to the Basher List but we definitely need it! These bashers are out of control!

    Please add:

    •MsTyque – this “woman” left about 10 nasty 1 star readings on one single advisor alone! (you can google and find it, the advisor was ‘sirena’ or something close to that) Also many others.

    and Katherine59 aka Clearsight both the same person, lied in feedback.
    Both of these women were nasty and abusive on the phone, interupting me yelling “NO NO” then asking deranged questions.
    They might all be the same person, I am not sure but I am pretty sure the last two are the same woman.

    Thank you for all of the work you have done!

  52. Keen REALLY needs to let advisors reply to the feedback/give their side. It’s too unfair to let some people trash you without being able to give a rebuttal.

    • vipvimvigor said:

      I respectfully disagree. It would turn into a tit for tat. You and I might be ethical and honest about it, but I certainly don’t expect all of the advisors to be.

      As a customer, reading any retort to bad feedback looks juvenile and unprofessional.

  53. To all advisors,

    I advise you all to not comment in the advisors fourms . Keen has people in the forums as monitors that pick out people that bash keen and shut there pages down siteing small things that need to be changed. This has personally happened to me and countless other advisors that have posted in the forums. Also bashers lurk in these forums waiting to see who’s making a complaint about being bashed. These bashers will purposesly call you for the 1 minute or 2 minutes to only add more negative feed back to your site then asking for keen for a refund. It’s a kind or high for them I guess or a sick game but again they don’t care. I’d suggest going to the forum and reading, if you post just know it’s being read by keen and bashers.

  54. Zachary and Anonymous ARE OBVIOUSLY THE SAME PERSON AND A OLD SHREW OF A WOMAN NOT A MALE!. ATT could careless about anything that has to do with Keen and would have directed “Zach” to call Keen customer service if anything. All the comments made by this person is total Bull! Just another upset basher that found themselves blacklisted and are full of them self.

    • You mean Zachary and Jackie? Check those out. The “Anonymous” who supported her is actually an adviser on Keen. I removed her name because I felt she was using this blog to advertise. Now back to Zachary and Jackie: I felt for the longest time that they were actually realist411 because of how diabolical this 2 person character was, in addition to the righteous indignation that she expresses about THE MIGHTY OZ – getting spanked for her disturbed behavior. Had realist written all over it.

  55. Monique said:

    Too bad you approved only comments, folks who favor you and other fake psychics. Why do you guys predict a totally new event, clearly and not an event that’s progressive in client’s life? Why direction will I go into with this, that or somename? Try to have a clear picture or neutral one. Answers, most them are vague.

    • Anonymous said:

      I do past and present all the time, its esstential, I agree with this comment – A true psychic must affirm, validate and then demonstrate to the client, whether its past,present or future, that is the only way to build trust and faith and get rid of doubt.

  56. Keep up the great work, BBG

  57. I’ve been on Keen since the beginning, I would guess that 99% of bashes are readers. Thing is it may hurt us for a day or two but in the long run it doesn’t do much and they don’t win any customers by showing there @ss on someone else feedback. If they can’t get a head the right way, they will not make it on keen anyway. This list is great glad I found it. I see nothing wrong with it and besides they have a list of readers they say are fake also. Those that don’t like this list or called to (ATT what a joke like they care, they would looking to sell keen off as soon as they could) are on the list. One more thing I love how bashers use the word Karma like it doesn’t apply to them.

  58. Add Translucent to the list. She asks trick questions which always yield wrong answers or at the very least unclear answers, as my listing states, yet she left horrid feedback. Other customers have told me she’s a regular bashers–they recognize her name.

  59. Lisala Peery said:

    So, I wouldn’t say a 4 is “bashing.” If I give a 3, I probably WANTED to give a 2 or 1, but as a fellow reader, just can not. I won’t continue calling. The people I rated that way did indeed predict things that never happened, or the opposite happened.
    It”s not about giving me “hope,” as you suggest, but about giving advie that doesn’t leave the caller feeling HOPELESS. I think that’s irresponsible to say “your bad situation or life will never change no matter what you do.” That kind of advice deserves a low rating. I’m pretty sure that admitting my flaws while complimenting the reader is still a compliment.

    — Lisala07

  60. Hi all, I’ve been a keen worker for a long time now, since April 2008, and yes, I do agree with this list, a lot of these serial bashers have called me. Most recently it was ‘Tropical Flower’ who obviously is a very lonely woman and feels the need to bash a person because she doesn’t have anyone in her life and never will either with that attitude (no wonder she’s alone)! I’ve noticed that she does leave bad feedback for a lot of people she calls. She gave me a bad feeback but the woman spent $40 on our reading which makes no sense at all because she kept adding money which raises the question ‘does she do it to get keen customer service to refund her money?’ Well, whatever it may be, she can go stuff it and wallow in her loneliness.

    Since keen is restricting us from using their sit to “tell it all” on serial bashers, I’m glad we have a channel to connect about this issue since we have to work together to keep other people informed about these crazies.

  61. I met Esther04 today, in the worst way. Three hours after our reading, she wrote me a one-star feedback, saying “refund please.” No specifics.

    Fool that I am, I wrote her back to ask her what I had done wrong — continuous quality assurance, you know? Well, she hasn’t written back. She had not blocked me, though.

    I am really working hard at rebuilding my Keen business (having been away a lot due to serious illness). Thank you Esther04 for spreading your misery!

  62. AnneMarie said:

    It is amazing that advisors are so quick to talk trash about the callers and label them as BASHERS. You do not know everyone’s story or their experience, yet you go and extract feedback and consider it golden bc you are an authority on what transpired on a call between a member and an advisor???? Do you know that what that advisor did was on the up and up? Do you believe that all advisors on keen are innocent victims of so called BASHERS? Pot calling the kettle black. You are judging. Forming opinions about something that you see one end of and are “1 starring” or worse the members. But that’s OK????? How is it right for you to do that to a member when you feel it isn’t right to have a member do it to a reader? You are supposedly on here to help people yet in reality by all accounts of reading this it appears you do not care about the people calling in, who have problems or they would not be calling in, and you feel it necessary to assume they wronged a reader with their feedback when you weren’t on that call to determine what caused that feedback ro rating were you?

    Judgemental money hungry advisors blogging about people but do not like to have judgement passed about them. Hypocritical of Keen advisors if you ask me.

    • You sure do make a lot of assumptions. You seem to think that I add every name that is sent to me. In fact, I do not. I look at many elements, but by far my first concern are the percentages of 1’s a member leaves. The more the percentage, the more obvious a joy basher You think we are “judgemental money hungry advisors” who are “hyprocitical” because we pass judgement on those who pass judgement on us? You would like us to sit quietly and allow ourselves to be joy bashed? That sounds narcissistic to me.

      • Wow, what a waste of energy! I personally was astounded to find myself listed as a basher when I googled my name; bad readings deserve low ratings, my own included. This is a shame. -L7, Tarot reader

  63. Your site is a service to honest Keen advisors everywhere. Those bashers should know that their antics are not left alone by those who try to help others. Much of the 1 or 2 stars I saw were derogatory and meant to pull advisors down. No matter how you slice it, 1 stars are bad for business and one’s state of mind, period. Keen shouldn’t allow this to happen. As for those who think this site is “shameful”, I assert that leaving derogatory feedback is shameful and should be addressed. Great work, Bash Back Goddess!

  64. So, what to do about actual bad readings? Do they deserve to be rated? Shouldn’t keen be just as swift to get rid of repeatedly bad readers? And, for the moderator who monitors ratings and this page, do you also track how often “bashers” leave 5-star ratings? In all my years with keen, since it’s first year, I can tell you the bad readers I’ve had. I have had countless excellent ones.
    What to do about the bad seeds if not rate them appropriately?

    • Ebay allows the consumer to leave feedback and if the trades person feels the feedback unjust, they may respond. In fact, Ebay allows for the trades person to leave feedback even if the buyer doesn’t. . E-lance has a similar system. It keeps everyone honest and in check. I can as a buyer get a horrible rating. A trades person can refuse to sell to me if they can see from previous feedback that I am a pain in the butt. As a buyer, if a trades person has a lousy rating, I can choose not to purchase from them. So it works both ways. Why should Keen not have the same system? Why do you object to our defending ourselves? And yes, Lisa, I do track down how often bashers leave 5 stars, I look at the percentages . As I have already said countless of times, I do not add everyone to this list that has left 1 star. I have a set of criteria that I use, or in some cases I will use my discretion. This list serves a great purpose. I cannot tell you how many times I have received an email from someone thanking me for warning them off a caller. There are too many people out there leaving bad feedback because they are unhappy or angry , vindictive or whatever.. and we suffer the consequence. If you think helping people means we have to take their abuse, you have it all wrong. Go hit a punching bag. Leave us alone.

      • It’s (name), and I stand by every piece of feedback I’ve left or received. If a person is upset woth the reading or reader, the feedback won’t be four stars, and I as a reeder am ok with that.

      • You are doing a wonderful service and we all thank you bash back goddess!! One reason some people leave 1-stars are to get their money back! It may have nothing to do with the quality of the reading at all! Keen does nothing to protect us from that. And of course a competitor will do the same out of insecurity. Keep up the good work!

    • Well, gee Lisala! Truly bad seeds, bad readers who give terrible readings, will generally delete and recreate an entire page over an honest 1-star rating. Maybe you should start a blog and list all of the readers with mysteriously low rating points despite having been on keen for 5+ years.

      • Lol… I Really don’t see a reason to start a blog about it. I’ve been on keen since it’s first year and I’m not at all unhappy with my experience there. We get back what we put into it, and when the clients felt I did a bad job they rated me that way and we all moved on. Like I said, I’m shocked this page exists. I rather put my efforts into building my businesses than shine more light on negativity.

      • Karma rules said:

        If someone is not sure why to start a blog about because it spreads light on the negative then why are you here? Google your name and find it? I am very glad for this blog. I have been saved several times from bushings because I knew who not to take a call from. I don’t want mean hateful angry people calling me because I want no part of it. This blog is not negative, it is necessary and appreciated very much. You want to see an angry one? I came across one called keen bashing bitties or biddies or something like that and let me tell you, she called them like she seen them .

      • Yes, the only reason i am here and the only way I knew about htis blog was throu googling myself to see what’s out there about me. I know of many reasons to start a blog; for me, griping about bad feedback/being slighted isn’t one of them. Peace.

  65. spirit2spirit said:

    Jetercrazed just got me! I knew her questions before she asked but she failed to mention that in her attempt to spread her ugly on my feedback…She was so negative and resistant and so difficult to connect to, I had to google her and see if it was just me. She’s on a basher list and I also found this on the web about her;

    “jetercrazed answered 8 years ago
    I’m on keen.com if you want a reading. http://www.keen.com/flygirlb

    Flygirlb has since been deleted…Sounds like maybe someone is ticked that she couldn’t make it on keen.

    I appreciate this list, it makes me feel better to see I’m not the only one getting attacked by these mean people! I wish none of us had to experience this though!

    Ok, I’ve given her enough of my precious time!

    Hang in in there you amazing beautiful souls trying to help even the nastiest of people! They will get theirs and so will you 😉

  66. Hi BBG,

    Are you still keeping this list up? If so, please consider adding “justme1218″ to it. I got a very bad vibe from her the minute I connected, and she immediately began pumping out question after question. It was obvious to me from the start that she was totally closed off and unreceptive, so I told her right off that I was sorry I couldn’t read for her/connect with her and I would refund her the minutes. She slammed me with a 1-star anyway. I’ve now googled her and found that all of her ratings are one star (with the exception of one, which was only 3 stars). Here’s what I could find on google:

    2/9/201 justme1218 3 stars: she was ok…more advice then reading

    2/9/2013 justme1218 1 star: she said she wasn’t a mind reader..then what is she? a good reader picks up right away on anything…this is not a good reader..that is the problem on keen is finding a goood reader…ppl don’t waste your time and money on this person

    6/16/2013 justme1218 1 star: if she was a good reader she would have picked up on certain things that most readers do without me telling them..


  67. Hi BBG,

    Googling saved me once again! I got a call from “lilysmama0809” tonight and when I googled the name I got nothing but 1 stars and negativity, so I declined. She then sent me a very nasty email (before I could even block her) which sounded like what I probably would have ended up with in my feedback had I not dodged that bullet. Her reviews:

    4/10/2013 lilysmama0809 1 star very very very slow, and dense. honestly how can having a loved one go through depression not cause stress?!?!?!

    4/9/2014 lilysmama0809 1 star Why did you end the chat? It was very rude. Honestly you give bad news and then end the chat before I can ask any other questions…I want a refund

    5/5/2014 lilysmama0809 1 star Didn’t seem to really connect well with me..maybe I am under too much stress

    Please do consider adding this one to the list. I have a feeling I’m not even seeing all of her reviews on google, and she is obviously still on the hunt for more to bash.


  68. I took a call by the name 711 crab and yes got bashed severly. She called and said what do you get with Betsy”. I did my best but she ripped me a new one, ouch. The only thing a little comforting to my spirit is she’s done this to others. She actually blocked me even though I gave her two free minutes to call again some time and see if the connection would be better.

    Who is she? She was down right brutal and said some very horrible untruths. I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong or can’t connect. No need to say those things about me.

  69. I noticed you don’t have wellwisher2005 on your list, but please do consider adding her, as she is a big-time basher who leaves long rambling bad feedback. If you google her you can see that she has targeted some new readers then left them this horrible feedback, so those readers had to abandon their listings. She basically ended their careers on Keen. Here are some examples of her reviews:

    3/21/2013 wellwisher2005 1 star Sorry to say I never leave feedback for pshychics unless I have to. This woman is very unprofessional, only real reading she gave me was 3 months ago when she did her first , 2 readings with me. Based on assumptions and her memory she does not read for people, instead says the same thing she told me months ago. As a professional you are expected to pick up on a person’s energy at that moment and answer the question and not remember what you told some one 2 months ago and repeat the same when the answer is different and there is always free will…SAve your money people and go to a professional pshychic, she is not the one.

    3/10/2013 wellwisher2005 1 star I never leave one star feedback for anyone, but I had to for the price for $6 a minute, she was expected to give me answers fast and probably correct. She was flipping the cards and making up stories and not answering my questions at all. I have spoken to 300+ pshychics here on Keen and she seems to be the worst for me.

    10/6/2013 wellwisher2005 1 star She was extremely rude, she hung up on me because the Dog Barked after just 1 minute without a reading and when I asked her for credit, she asked me to go to another advisor. At $4.85/minute she should know how to behave with her customers. The next time I called her, she wasted my 2nd minute again, totally I lost $9 without being provided a reading. Stay away from such a rude reader. I have been getting reading on keen for many years, she is one of the rude ones!

    2/2/2014 wellwisher2005 1 star I never leave negative feedback. I had to for this call. I Called her and asked her to read into the situation and she was giving me general advice and telling me she does not predict the future. Why would you be listed under the psychic section of Keen if you did not want to be one ? Waste of time and money.

    6/12/2013 wellwisher2005 1 star She is not seer, she is a joke!!! I called her and asked her about the future, based the information I gave her she was giving me responses, I kept reminding her that I am looking for Psychic info and not general advice. I got fooled by all the feedback, I have never seen some one like her on here!

    2/22/2014 wellwisher2005 1 star She picked up the call and then call hung up, I am doing this for refund as I did not speak to her and I am looking for refund for this 1 minute

    12/26/2013 wellwisher2005 1 star She was very powerful in picking regarding the situation. However for the money she charges, she was giving more of general advice about Battered woman, when I was asking her for the specifics. Not worth the money for the general advice she was giving me,when I was asking her for details she said she will not invade on people on their privacy. Why would you call yourself a psychic and not provide information on others ?Money down the the drain as I got no details..

  70. Watch your backs if you come across Whoknows123. Irrational and abusive. Unless you tell him the poor girl he’s with will obey and heel like a trained mutt just because he orders her to, he’ll viciously attack you. Google is not your friend with this one because leaves 5 stars as much as 1’s. It’s either 5’s or 1’s but no way is it worth the risk or abuse of having to deal this maniac.

  71. Sunglower this person will call or chat and when you do not tell her what she wants to hear she will then leave you bad feedback,

  72. Black Sheep said:

    I think Flower goddess234 could possible be Tropical Flower I looked into her account and saw ” 10/18/2014 Flower goddess234 2 stars This was terrible ” She has only been registered with Keen since 10/14/2014 and has only given one good rating. Her calls are less than 3 minutes, keep an eye out!

  73. realist411 aka insight411, who is a notorious and previously “outed” Keen Serial Basher for years is actually a Keen Advisor known as lhartgra aka Lana H.

    • Thanks! She is back as realist411 and just left me my first bad feedback. It sounded insane. I’ve asked Keen to please remove it.

  74. Please add “Sandflower” in the Keen basher list. Why she called she was aggressive, rude and angry. Vengefully out of jealousy she left a very bad fabricated one star feedback. She must be stopped before she hurts other advisors.

  75. Hi there are you still updating. Appreciate your list

  76. concerned reader said:

    Love one – did a chat. I asked her question, told her I’d be a moment and less than 30 seconds later, she ended the chat and bashed me saying that I didn’t answer her and took her money. I keep leaving comments because I’m trying to help people, seems as if the bashing is getting worse lately.

  77. Beware of SunnyN who will 1-star you for 1 call then return weeks later to 1-star you again even after you’ve blocked her. I reported her to Play Fair but until the second feedback is removed, it’s dangling out there for potential callers to see. This even when caller mentions in the feedback that a key part of my predictions came true! I can’t bring this caller up on Google so I wonder if this one is changing names willy nilly? I notice a lot of name changing going on. Same callers will cycle back and pretend that they’ve never talked to you before. In this case, I have a vague memory of speaking with this caller months ago before they reappared as SunnyN.

  78. Shawnne Mc Kenna said:

    jnun0226, one star on a first time 3 minute chat. The reading didn’t go her way.

  79. gemini89 – paid for 1 min – answered call, she asked question after saying hello, I pause for a moment to connect to the question, just a few seconds, literally i’d say 5 seconds I paused, she says “Hello” you paused, I need my answer…. I’m sure all of you know the routine since it happens all too often. No respect for the ability what-so-ever, comes back 2 weeks later and leaves 1 star – with the typical prediction didn’t happen ect… LOL, I laugh because she didn’t get a prediction, I do find it interesting that they think a psychic can give that that kind of detail and info in literally 60 seconds, minus the “you have one min remaining” automated voice, so 56 seconds. I guess we need to learn to speak Gerbil or Chipmunk on fast-forward LOL

  80. phoenixrising said:

    Angelic Vibrations bashed me as well. She called and demanded free minutes. She left two negative reviews and I think it was an attempt to cut the competition since I am a new reader. I told her simply that I wasn’t going to play her extortion games. Please take heed because this woman is a psychic basher. Especially if you are a newbie.

  81. Beware of lovelylady7246. Not much to find on her re Google but those she’s called received 1 star ratings complete with bashing feedback.

  82. Omg I am an advisor on keen and happened to stumble across this website just now as I was looking up Realist411 after giving this horrible lady a reading! She was very rude and of course have me bad feedback. Thank you so much for this helpful site!!

  83. sillyside12 – call me by mistake thinking I was the reader she talked to before. Instead of acknowledging it was her mistake and that she looked up the wrong info, she 1 starred me and asked for a refund. WTF? If you made the mistake why do I have to pay for it???

  84. “Intuitive Angie78” –This is a keen advisor who has left a number of simple 5-star ratings and a PLETHORA of paragraph-length 1-stars…

  85. The best strategy to confront bashers is to raise your price to where it’s too expensive for them to bash you. Most bashers go after “noobs” who are “undercharging”… My mistake was to charge a low rate which made me an “affordable” target. As soon as I raised my prices the bashing stopped…

  86. Add brickhouse77 to that. Mentions that she is psychic. Then leaves one star if you don’t agree with her psychic impressions on her love life.

  87. I can’t tell if this is still being actively managed and I haven’t tried to see what kinds of ratings show up on Google for any of these people, but here’s my latest crop of bashers. I’ve recently lowered my price due to a decline in calls at a higher price point and I opened myself up to a whole new level of hell. The people at this lower price seem to be much more rude and demanding. And having 2 accounts in the top 20 of “tarot” for more than 6 months has apparently annoyed some people 🙂

    I still get over 95% 5 star feedback when people leave it, so I know I’m not actually doing anything inappropriate. Most people who call me love me and call repeatedly, but here are some that I’ve gotten in the last year or so?

    I just got bashed by Membr78861 today, actually, who had this to say about our 2 minute reading. “first time reading with this advisor didn’t like her reading she took to long to shuffle card and when she did answer I didn’t like how she said it waste of money” Apparently she hates punctuation as much as she hates me. It takes me less than 30 seconds to shuffle my cards. I was on the phone with her for 2 minutes and I answered THREE questions. She didn’t like “how” I said the words? Um…

    User prettything13 left me 1 star and said, “Fake reader. I asked her two questions used reversed psychology” I have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. This was another 2 minute call and she bashed me because I said she shouldn’t get back together with her ex. I think this was a sabotage.

    I also got THIS feedback from user name birdman123 “1 star sadly she was way off on timing . i have 3 i talk to on here and they are right on the money they see before holidays with 100 percent” Why do I include this as a bash? Because she left the feedback immediately after the call, MONTHS before the prediction was supposed to have taken place. How can you give me 1 star for a prediction that’s still 3 months away just because other advisors have a different prediction?

    And I got THIS feedback because I told a woman that her married lover of 10 years wasn’t going to divorce his wife. I wasn’t rude at all, I talk to people having affairs all day every day, doesn’t bother me. I really wasn’t rude or sarcastic to her at all. User Ladytee30 “1 star I would not spend another dime on you! You are very rude. When people call you, they are looking for help from a compassionate person who seem to care a little about their concern. You were flat out RUDE! Sarcastic! When I attempted to ask you another questions you became short and EVEN RUDER!! It’s a good thing you are not the only psychic on keen. No one has to pay to listen to your sarcastic rudeness!”

    Then there’s this one, from Member548656. I have never, in the HISTORY of my career EVER shouted at a client. Not once. Not even close. She asked a question, I answered it and she asked the same exact question immediately again. I was confused and asked her if that wasn’t the question we’d just addressed? I did not yell at her and I didn’t say I had already answered it. I’m not vulgar either. Maybe I yawned and forgot to mute the phone and she took that as a sigh? Is there a group going around accusing readers of being rude to sabotage them? Her feedback made no sense,had no relation to our conversation at all. “1 star RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! Did I say RUDE! I asked the same question to clarify the answer and she shouts'”I answered that already!” Is she serious?!Am I the one paying for this call or is she?! And it doesn’t stop there.. she constantly sighs as if she is being annoyed! When I ask a question instead of her answering it she gives a rude response questioning my question! What an egocentric, egotistical, vulgar, disrespectful, nonchalant, flat out nasty ATTITUDE! Someone teach this young lady common curiosity! Would give a ZERO if I could! REFUND NOW!”

    Like I said, more than 95% of my ratings are 5 star and I have over 1500 feedback responses on 2 accounts. I’m not delusional, I’m really not guilty of the things they’re accusing me of. I’m at the end of my rope. It seems like there’s nothing I can do to avoid these crazy people and after 5 years of fighting it, watching my income plummet for weeks and my LVS score decrease every time I get a bad one, I’m just over it.

  88. rudest1 said:

    This person sent me hate-mail and blocked me and I’ve since been following her progress through the Keen ranks. In the last month she’s changed her handle twice, from KERRYPARK to UNAFFILIATED, and most recently CAPRISING. This person has called a ton of people and left a bunch of crap feedback in her wake.

  89. Worldwide said:

    Sunshiner is still bashing Advisors that don’t tell her what she wants to hear about her “boyfriend” Anything less than perfect and fantasy is deemed one star and scripted reading. She was blocked and used one of her remaining feedbacks to say “no predictions happened” .However she also tried arranging another call right before she was blocked. I noticed she bashed another advisor for telling her the truth.

  90. Worldwide said:

    @Olusha – Prettything13 is a man that goes around bashing everyone. I was bashed by him too. If you look him up he’s bashes everyone and should be removed off of the site as Keen readers are accurate enough for him. He lied on me too.

    • Worldwide said:

      I was bashed by Prettything13 as well. He asked me about another man and didn’t like hearing the truth. I was respectful and professional and he called me a liar and hung up. Left feedback on a listing I just started and had to delete.

  91. Member79257924 – started asking multiple questions after a 3 minute phone call. After the 3rd email I said to call back the next day and she went crazy. She threatened to give me bad feedback if I didn’t give her 5 free minutes and I said, give positive feedback first and I will, hoping to get rid of her then by blocking. Next day she one stars and as says she has other accounts where she 1 stars and usually keeps this one all 5s but she couldn’t resist. Do not trust her, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and just begun with this account.

  92. Member64500036 is a loon. Will blame you for her bad cell service and claim you are off if you don’t tell her all the men in her office are in love with her and everyone who is in her presence. Histrionic.

  93. CAUTION alert on cat2971. She will come through Chat, most likely. I worked with her previously under her old account. I only chatted with her once under this new account. She 1-starred me BEFORE the time line I gave her has come to pass. In her feedback she states the prediction can’t be accurate as she can’t see any signs from him. Just beware if this one comes to you. I googled her again this morning (9/12/16) and no other information of any calls she’s made under this new account come up. Yet. Her 1-star is a case of being enraged because “it’s Halloween and there’s no Christmas tree up and no presents under it and you told me he’d call me on Christmas.” See what I mean?

  94. Thank you so much for your site! I’m an adviser on Keen and I understand the occasional 1 star reviews, but being hateful or rude to advisers is totally unnecessary. Some advisers just don’t make a connection, or timing can be off (the hardest thing to determine, as we all know it’s our best guess given that the Universe works by divine timing), but I’d say 90% of the Keen advisers do put our hearts into our clients and only want to provide them with the best reading we can.

    I myself got a call from “WhoKnows123”, first time reading with him. It was a 5 minute call, he put me on hold twice, then started yelling at me, telling me I was making everything up, then hung up on me. He then proceeded to go leave me a 1 star review saying, “Nothing she has told me all year has come true.” Not sure how that can be since that was the first time I’d ever spoken to him. I remember all of my clients, and I would definitely remember someone as rude as him!

    Plus, you are right about the Keen adviser forum. I’ve had many of my Keen adviser friends tell me they were suspended for 4 days because they left feedback on things that needed to be improved. It’s a trap advisers! Don’t use it!

    Thanks again for all the good work! Keep it up!

  95. Here’s another one to watch out for: NONE16. Google this one and you’ll find she 1 stars everyone she’s spoken to. This caller 1-starred me the day BEFORE the time line prediction of him contacting her had run it’s course (10/26). The second part of the prediction, that a week later she and he would reconcile still hasn’t even run yet. (11/6/16)

  96. Holly123 can be added to the list. Please, avoid this woman at all costs! She is nasty and yelled and me the whole time, asking me a question then telling me to shut-up when I responded. She was very angry when I wouldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. If I could have hung up on her, I would have.

  97. This person abuses free minutes and will bash you once you block her, beware they have multiple accounts their real name is Kelley Williams Bolar
    They go under keen on k36williams
    They will also stalk you off of keen do not talk to this person

  98. Worldwide said:

    Please add Member64129045 history of bashes advises and claiming “fraud”

  99. I have NEVER understood Keen’s feedback policy as it clearly does not help or serve anyone including clients, Keen, and the psychic community in general.

    Interestingly, Oranum will remove negative feedback immediately when requested to do so.

    I stayed away from Keen for over a year because of all the bashing. I started up again on Keen last week, because someone said somewhere that Keen had revised their feedback policy and that Keen was now a “safe place to give readings again. I was encouraged because I actually got one good positive review and feedback from a new client. NEVERTHELESS, I hadn’t even been back on Keen 7 days. I got bashed by ” paralleluniverse” which is clearly a shill account for a Keen Advisor/Serial Basher.

    I filed a customer service complaint with Keen to remove the false and negative review/feedback.

    If Keen removes the negative feedback, fine, if Keen doesn’t remove the negative feedback, then nothing has changed.

    Beware of “paralleluniverse” who is very clearly a shill account for a Keen Advisor/Serial Basher.

    Best wishes,


  100. I just got bashed by Sunshiner too! First time, 3 minute chat, very angry, rude, asked a general question “what will happen this year to me?” I responded with a couple of things. She complained I was “too vague” I asked her if she had a specific question she exclaimed OMG! and disconnected. Then she sent me a nasty email telling me how horrible I am and IF I send her a few months of predictions by email, then she will leave me “honest feedback” = all for a nasty 3 minute chat! I declined to play into her extortion and she bashed me. Watch out! She’s still out there bashing!

    “Worldwide said:
    August 6, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Sunshiner is still bashing Advisors that don’t tell her what she wants to hear about her “boyfriend” Anything less than perfect and fantasy is deemed one star and scripted reading. She was blocked and used one of her remaining feedbacks to say “no predictions happened” .However she also tried arranging another call right before she was blocked. I noticed she bashed another advisor for telling her the truth.”

  101. Beware of of a woman whose Keen handle is PEYTONSCOTT. The chat I had with her on May 25th was very short. Not enough time to do a decent reading, let alone do one at depth. It’s the only time I’ve read for her. I had a gut feeling this one was a rager and basher. Sure enough, today, I find TWO 1 star feedbacks. I don’t know how she could leave two 1 star feedbacks when I’ve only chatted with her once. I googled her and found a full page of advisors she’s called or chatted with. All were 1 starred. I wrote Play Fair asking that one of the feedbacks be removed. It would be better to miss the call than put up with this one. Even in chat you can sense the sulphur from hell coming off her.

  102. MICHALENA said:

    She has several super short calls as keen will only refund up to $25.00. This way she gets reimbursed. To add further injury she pretends reading was confusing then bombards advisors with questions for Free , she knows the advisor is aware no feedback was left with a veiled threat “If you don’t answer my questions I will leave bad feedback” . She leaves bad Feedback regardless. However someone will beat her at her own game very soon.

    • “She has several super short calls as keen will only refund up to $25.00. This way she gets reimbursed. To add further injury she pretends reading was confusing then bombards advisors with questions for Free , she knows the advisor is aware no feedback was left with a veiled threat “If you don’t answer my questions I will leave bad feedback” . She leaves bad Feedback regardless. However someone will beat her at her own game very soon.”
      Who are you referring to? Peytonscott or Sunshiner or someone else?

  103. MICHALENA said:


  104. Beware of Member 229645 who will tell you who name is Jenny. She came to me through Chat. I ended the Chat and contacted PLAY FAIR. I was shaking! This person is frightening. The Chat starts out with her talking about being vindictive to someone and does he think she’s crazy? Then she wanted me to tell her if she was crazy. It descends into some short exchanges where she tried to bait me into fighting. Then she said I was a fake psychic and I needed to prove to her I wasn’t by doing a general reading about her future. I told her to bash me all she wanted in feedback and that I was going to report her to Play Fair in any case because of emotional abuse. Her answer to that was, “sad you feel you’re only worth one star….” you see what I mean by giving you that example. This is a dangerous psyche on the loose in Keen. Please take care. I’m serious when I say I was physically shaking when I quit the chat!

  105. MICHALENA said:

    Add ” HOLA1 ” To the Keen Basher List. She’s a Stalker wanting to hear a Soulmate story about her One sided Love Obsession. Anyone that doesn’t feed HOLA1 her Fable gets Bashed

  106. Here’s another real winner for you: McGheesa. Of course, I turned this one into PlayFair. 1) I wasn’t rude to him or the other word. 2) Sexist labeling. I’m not the C word. There is one other 1 star rating he left for another advisor (google search) where he rants on about how she was a waste of time and blah blah. This one is ungrounded and I could tell during our talk this wouldn’t end well.

    Love & Relationships

    Rude and bitchy, I’m emailing keen to let them know about her unnecessary attitude and tone. If your job is to talk to people maybe you should’t be a cunt. 

  107. Watch out for Member34379067. All of her negative reviews aren’t showing up on the google search and I don’t know why not, but she’s firing through readers leaving bashing one-stars daily.

  108. anonymous said:

    I’ve been scrolling through the feedback of various readers and seeing some horrible one-star reviews, but when I do the google search (typing in username site:keen.com) the reviews aren’t showing up. Does anyone know why that is? It would have saved me a couple basher calls if the reviews had been showing up in the search.

  109. InThePresent said:

    Re: Peytonscott: She called me earlier this year. We spoke for one minute. She left me a 1-star reading claiming my prediction had changed within a day. The thing is, I had never spoken to her before that one-minute call. Unless she called me on a different account, it was the first time she called me. I would have contacted PlayFair, but I have a feeling this is one of those times they’d side with the caller.

  110. Here’s another one to be careful of: Member68778954. Her name is Heather. Unless you pull it straight from God and tell her what she wants to hear, you’ll receive 1 or 2 stars downgrading your skills. Her google reviews of keen advisors is mixed. Mostly 1 or 2 stars for readers with only 2 complimentary ones.

  111. Please add “Sox” on your list. This member has bashed quite a few advisors through false feedback. Sox has to be stopped!

  112. Here’s another winner for us: Member411481, Chrys. I googled her. She’s a basher. Consistent 1 star ratings and feedback about how the advisor is rubbish. No matter what you tell her she’ll say the readers told her “otherwise.” Yet, in all the feedback she’s left others, she never has once given a compliment.

  113. InThePresent said:

    You are not going to believe this. Guess who has created an account on The Psychic Reviews and is educating all the psychic junkies about the inner workings of Keen and how we are all scammers? Realist411. Take a look at this thread:


    She is bat shit crazy.

  114. Bat shit is too complimentary to her. Thanks for the link to her paranoid forum. It’s hard to fathom what it must be like holding that much venom inside. Luckily we don’t have to wake up everyday and BE her.

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